Monday, April 15, 2013

Post Office, Beach, Planning & Gifts

Today is harder for me to start off as positively as last Monday - and all because of a bad "commute" to work. What usually takes me ten minutes, took me 20 because of an accident and a million police cars. And then an idiot pulled out in front of me, making me slam on my brakes and my horn. Then he proceeds to drive about 15 in a 35. Sooo frustrating. I know I need to just brush it off an move on though, so here we go with attempting that! I did have another great weekend, and so I need to ignore the rough start to my morning, and just decide to make today a more positive Monday again, in spite of the craziness!

And I feel like writing my shenanigans in list form today to let you know that "This Weekend I......"

Finally bought the new Justin Timberlake album, and listened to it allll weekend. What took me so long?!
Worked on my "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts right after work
Shared a giant roll of sushi with Jeff for a light dinner
Went back to AMC to re-watch "Jurassic Park" after the power had gone off halfway through on Thursday night
Completely finished up my "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts, and got two ready for mailing :)

Dragon Roll. May not look super appetizing, but believe me - this dragon was delicious!!

Woke up, chatted with parents and sister, got dressed and packed a beach bag!
Did a quick errand at Kohl's for my sister's fancy "Will you be my Matron of Honor" gift (she got me a beautiful gold watch when she asked me to be her MOH. And I got her diamond earrings!)
Met at Jeff's house, and got all of our beach gear packed and ready to go!
Mailed two of my bridesmaid gifts at the post office
Ate a Whopper from BK for lunch (and felt so full I thought I might explode - need to stick with the Whopper JR.)
Drove to St. George Island with my fiance for the day!
Spent a nice four or so hours basking in the sun, walking in the surf, and collecting shells to use as wedding decor
Shared a couple appetizers at the Blue Parrot together, then headed back home to Tally

Got my second coffee in a week, after not drinking it since the very beginning of January, and it was delish
3rd grade Sunday school, big church, then Mexican food for lunch with my fam, plus Aunt, Uncle & Cousin
Gave my sister her "Will you be my Matron of Honor" present, and she said yes, of course!
Went shopping with Megan looking for junior bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, and found none
Hung out out at Jeff's house, and did a bit of wedding planning! (We have a great idea on our cake now!)
Ran errands with Jeff to T-Mobile, Michael's, Old Navy & Publix and ate dinner at Jersey Mike's
Then we went back to his house, chatted with his mom, and did some more wedding planning
And then he made phone calls to officially asked his groomsmen to be in our wedding! (Couldn't get a hold of 1 though)

Iced coffee, with hazelnut, skim milk and Splenda. Yummy.
Officially my Matron of Honor now! (Well, she'll be a "Matron" in a little over a month!)
See? A good weekend. A great weekend really! I got to watch a movie, and go to the beach, and work on my tan, and hang with my fiance and my family, and talk about my wedding, and relax just a little bit! Hooray! But I just know this upcoming weekend is going to be even better, because we're finally getting our engagement pictures taken, for real this time! And we get to do them in St. Augustine!! :) Soo looking forward to being over there, and seeing all my friends there, and of course taking our pictures too! Can't. Stinking. Wait. (Biggest "dilemma" for the engagement pics now - how should I do my nails?! Should they be matchy-matchy navy with my navy dress? Or should I do something that will stand out, but still coordinate? I'm still thinking about turquoise jewelry, so maybe turquoise-ish nails too?! I don't know!) Anyways...I hope y'all had great weekends too!

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Kelly said...

I still need to pick up JT's album... oops! I'm pretty jealous of your beach day and yay for finishing your "will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts!! Looks like an awesome weekend :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend. Did you like his album? I'm honestly not impressed and that saddens me. Oh... and will you stop posting awesome beach pictures with great weather? We're still wearing heavy jackets up here in Cleveland!

Nicole McKenzie said...

I vote "no" to the matchy match nails. Though I never tend to match anything.....which means everything's a statement! :) I do dress a bit hippie though.

Ech and Will said...

My husband loves dragon rolls. I'm dying over that beach picture. I need to get to the coast asap.

Stephanie + Walter said...

This sounds like such a fab weekend!!! And a bad commute can ruin ANY day. I hate stupid drivers.

Kaley Grant said...

Halie you look great! I vote no for the matchy nails. I would either go with red or a nude. Follow your heart. I didn't know you would be coming here this weekend! Are we going to get to see you? Love you!

Angie Bean said...

Squeeee St. Augustine like us!!! Same weekend too!! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for good weather!! Do you know where exactly you're doing them??

Erin said...

Traffic is my #1 source of frustration. It sucks just about every day haha

Yum to sushiiii :) Looks like you had a very busy, but productive meeting! That last picture of you is STUNNING, girlfriend!! You look great!

Andrea H. said...

Girl...don't worry for a second about your nails...they will be amazing!! I've never seen a shot of them where they aren't fantastic! Super fun that you have the pictures coming up! yay!

Miranda said...

Ah...I love St. George! Glad you got in some beach time!

Also, you look gorgeous and tan in that picture of you and your sister!

Dara said...

How about lime green nails? Sorry I'm late but glad you had a great weekend!