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On October 5, 2013, I married my best friend, an amazing man, my comfort and support, and my sweet love. And obviously I was beyond thrilled for this day to arrive! And so of course I wanted to chronicle the whole journey here on my space of the world wide web, so that I can forever cherish this season of engagement and wedding planning and the wedding itself.

First off, a quick recap -- we met online through a dating website in May 2011. We enjoyed so many fun dates and activities and day trips during that summer. On August 10, 2011, we finally became official "boyfriend and girlfriend." But that's just the Reader's Digest version of this story. I wrote out our whole story back on our first dating anniversary, so you should go check that out: Paired Together.

So we then dated for about a year and a half, and had lots of great times, fun times, road trips, a broken foot and all sorts of things. Then in his true cheesy fashion, he proposed to me on Valentine's Day 2013. (Even though we had both said previously how cheesy it was to get engaged on Valentine's Day and yada yada yada...) But it was so cute and sweet and just perfect. You should read that story too, because not only is it super cute, but he also related back to the blog as well: Proposal on Valentine's Day!

So then the wedding planning was underway!! And it was a crazy, stressful, awesome, exciting eight months. We had fun planning and dreaming and looking forward to our big day, and we were both so excited for it.

I randomly wrote a bunch of wedding planning posts for the blog, so here's all the updates from along the way, with more to come as I continue to get caught up:

The night we got engaged: Proposal on Valentine's Day
The introductory wedding planning post: Planning A Wedding on a Budget
Asking my girls: Proposing To My Bridesmaids
Sharing just a few engagement photos: Prompt #17 - Favorite Photo
Had to nix the beach house idea, so we're looking around: Picking A Wedding Venue
Another venue option here in town: Picking A Wedding Venue, Part 2
Finally booking a venue: Picking A Wedding Venue - The Final Part
The experience of finding "THE dress": Pinnacle for a Bride-To-Be
Working on save the dates: Planning For Our Save-The-Dates
Made a to-list of projects: Projects For the Wedding
Finally shared our engagement pics: Posing for Engagement Pictures
Working on the to-do list: Projects For the Wedding Update
Honeymoon purchase: Plane Tickets for the Honeymoon Have Been Purchased
The first bridal shower: Bicycle-Themed Wedding Shower
Shower #2: Bridal Shower From My Church Family
Shower #3: Couples' Shower From Jeff's Church Family
First event of wedding week: Beautiful Bridesmaids Luncheon
Night before the wedding: Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner

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