Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pedicures On A Saturday Morning

I'm getting better at the doodles each time. I like these pancakes! :)
These are things that I have done in the past, will be doing this Saturday, or would like to do in the future. All are good, all are lovely Saturday morning activities, and all make for a nice day.
Love to everyone.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personalized Cubby

I have finally gotten around to making my cubby more personalized. Before I just had a few random things that I could manage to grab real quick on my way out the door - like a lamp, a starfish picture and a small stuffed penguin. But now I have gotten pictures printed, and frames brought in. And those pictures have been put in the frames, and/or taped up on the wall. And I like looking around in here now. :) 

I am still going to get more printed because I want some of my New York City trip last May for graduation, and the G.A.R.T last August with my besties, and my family vacation from this June...but for now, I am happy with it, and I think it looks cute.

Here are some of the cute things in my new cute cubby :)

Love y'all.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pricey Kitchen Appliance

I really want a pretty mixer like this when I grow up...
My dear friend Nicole, over at Hands Up, just opened me up to new things here on Blogger, and I felt compelled to try it out. Here's what I learned (even though it's still very basic) 1. You can add captions at the bottom of your photos. 2. You can make your photos XL, and I think it makes them look so much better...

So I know it's not earth-shattering news, but I was excited about it. And I really just needed to test this new found information. Thanks Nicole!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Panini from Panera

So unfortunately, my Mama is at home very sick right now - most likely with pneumonia. Yikes. (So please remember to keep her in your prayers, please). But fortunately, that meant I was able to go home on my lunch hour and take care of her a tiny bit.

On my way home I called into Panera (my favorite) and ordered lunch for both of us. I did the You-Pick-Two and got half of the new Turkey Artichoke Panini and a small cup of French Onion Soup. And it was quite a delicious lunch. To be honest, the panini wasn't my favorite I've ever gotten from there, but it was still yummy. And that is my favorite soup, almost anywhere, and it didn't disappoint.

Panera - you always fill my belly and make me happy. Thank you.

Love you friends. Tomorrow's FRIDAY!! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Push-Pin Pumpkins

I have done another Pinterest-inspired craft. The problem is - mine doesn't look near as good as the original...and I can't really even figure out why. (Maybe I didn't place them close enough to each other?) I mean, I'm OK with them for the most part, but mine definitely couldn't be sold on Etsy or anything like that...


Original (follow link to see more)


So for now they're sitting on my desk at work. And I like them good enough. (Oh and a secret, I didn't have enough pins to finish them, so the back side of each is bare...) Maybe I'll try to re-do it, to spruce it up a bit. Or maybe not...

Friday, October 7, 2011


At this moment:
1. My office is absolutely freezing. And I'm wearing jeans, closed-toe shoes, and a sweater. And I'm still cold.
2. I am super excited to go to Wild Adventures Halloween-fest tonight with Jeff, Robert, Jacob and Lacy - Phobia. (And really hoping it doesn't rain).
3. Ready to watch FSU football tomorrow after an open week last Saturday!
4. In a really awesome mood. Perky, some might say. No further explanation is needed for that one :) I'm just happy!
5. Wanting another cup of coffee with pumpkin spice cream. Yum.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Penguin On My Desk

Last week I moved into a new cubby at work. I have my own tiny little space now, and I don't even mind it's technically a cubicle. (I am in a long office, with two doors, split by a 5-foot divider and a bookshelf...) It's mine and it's private and I like it.

I have slowly been bringing in a few items every day in order to make it look a little cuter, and I just wanted to share this little guy, because he is way cute. And he of course goes along with my theme/title. His name is The Admiral, and I like having him on my desk. Now I just gotta get some polka dots up in this cube. Probably not gonna bring in any pasta to decorate with though...but definitely to eat at some point.

Peace, Love and Penguins ♥

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plethora of Pumpkin Things

Here's my second list so far my friends. And the pumpkin doodle is much, much cuter than my bike attempt from last week! :) Agreed?

And in case you were wondering what I mean by "pumpkin stuff," I literally mean all things pumpkin -- donuts, coffee, bread, muffins, color, actual pumpkins, decorations, themes, pie, pumpkin seeds (for a snack), carving, butter, pudding, crafts...and I'm sure there's something I'm leaving off this list. It's certainly not exhaustive of all the excellent forms of pumpkin goodness.

I love fall. ♥ And I love yall. ♥