Thursday, April 25, 2013

Possibly My Most Random Blog Post

Simultaneously, there is both nothing going on in my brain today, and also too many things swirling around at once. How does that even happen? What does that even mean? I don't know - but that's how it feels! So today's blog post is going to be one of those rare, fly-by-the-seat of my pants ramblings that I don't know where we'll end up, but it seems like it might be fun....So let's see where this takes us, mmmkay?

So, when I ordered my bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding, I ordered a size smaller than what I was wearing then, thinking I would definitely be smaller by May. Well, I am indeed smaller (by lots of inches in fact!), but I think their dress sizes are jacked up, because that thing was still too small. Like, couldn't zip it up the whole way. Ugh. So two weeks ago I took it to the tailor, and I'm going today after work to pick it up. I just hope she was able to work some magic and that it still looks beautiful! I'm kinda nervous though...

I've shared my whole weight loss story before, and started sharing my actual weight each Wednesday, but I think I also want to start sharing my measurements. So maybe we'll start today! I've been taking them every couple of weeks since January, but I'll just share my first set, and then the most recent, from last night!

January                                                 April 24
Shoulders - 43.5                              Shoulders - 39.5
Chest (Boobs) - 45                         Chest (Boobs) - 42.5
Upper Arm - 16.5                           Upper Arm - 15
Hips - 52                                         Hips - 46.5
Upper Waist/Ribs - 40                    Upper Waist/Ribs - 36
Upper Thigh - 28                            Upper Thigh - 24.5
Neck - 15                                       Neck - 14
Calf - 17.5                                      Calf - 17.5
Around Chin/Head - 25                  Around Chin/Head - 22.5

So that's kind of embarrassing, but it's also great to see that real, tangible progress in the amount of inches I lost, as well as seeing the number on the scale go down too. Because people, that's a total of 24.5 inches lost since January!! (If I'm doing this whole measurement stuff correctly, that is...) And a total of 27.2 pounds lost. And that's amazing.

One of my goals for the year was to read 24 books, and so I was planning to read two a month. Well at this point I've only read five, when I should be on number eight or so. I still want to meet that goal, so I guess I better get moving! I started reading "The Host" almost two weeks ago, and I'm only on page 50 out of 829. Sheesh. Usually I could have finished the whole book by now! I need to get my bookworm mojo flowin' again. 

I just ordered my little sister's college graduation gift, and I'm excited about it! I hope it gets here before next Friday night! And now I just need to figure out what to get her for her wedding present!?!

Last night Jeff and I went to a new restaurant to try out their sushi. But when we got there, it wasn't on their menu anymore. She said not enough people were ordering it, so they took it off the menu. And so now they're basically just a Chinese take-out kind of place. And since we were already there, we felt bad leaving, so we got some super un-healthy, but super delicious General Tso's chicken to share, and it was sooo good. I mean, at least we shared the meal, right?!

Also, my back is reallllyyy sore today. I think it's from the ab class that I did during my lunch break yesterday, but I can't be positive. My abs aren't sore - just my back. So that's kinda strange. But it's definitely uncomfortable.

I'm having lunch with my sister today, which we almost never get to do, and I'm pretty excited about it!!

Aaaannnddd........I think that's enough randomness for the day! Tomorrow I'll be sharing my first post about some of our wedding stuff, and sharing what I did to ask my bridesmaids, to be my bridesmaids! So come back for that, because it was really super cute :) Hope y'all have a good Thursday today! 


Stephanie said...

Girl, you are doing FANTASTIC!!! Seriously. I am inspired by you.

Kayla Nelms said...

Umm.. one thing. Can I have your handwriting? Mine SUCKS.

Rachel said...

You have made so much progress! I'm super impressed. :)

Chinese is my weakness too. And Thai. And bad food in general. We had spring rolls for lunch yesterday and they were so good.

We have been doing the Insanity workout for only 3 days and I'm ready to give up. Haha. I've never been so sore in my life. My heart needs cardio, though. :(

Kristin Schouten said...

You are so amazing!! I already told you that on instagram but I love the quote that you wrote in your weight loss measurements picture. It is such a good quote to remember when losing weight. You are an inspiration to me to get my butt in gear. Thank you so much!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

that chinese looks yummy!
And you're doing a phenominal job with your work outs! Seriously, you inspire me!

Question, you do anything special to work them? I seem to get no where on my legs... in my family we call them the anderson thighs/legs...all the women and big legs, always fun come shorts season.

Dara said...

that's great you've lost so many inches! I want to start recording inches too when I get back into working out! (I'm on a break due to surgery)

Emily said...

GIRLllllllll, if that isn't motivation, then I don't know what is. You go!!!

Esther Davison said...

I am looking forward to tomorrow's post! I have lost inches too! My pants are loose and it feels great! Esther Norine Designs

Megan Reinbold said...

I love General Tso's! :)I don't know that I would have shared. lol
Congratulations on your weight loss and your inches lost!

Bekah @ re·solve said...

Congrats on your progress! I love that you specify (boobs) for chest! hahaha

Bekah @ re·solve said...

Oh, and the broccoli totally justifies your food order! I just order the food steamed and add light soy sauce a lot of times. msg makes my head hurt anyway...

Robin said...

Now I am craving Chinese food!

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Wow, you are doing amazing! Good for you!! I did my measurements in January, but haven't done them again yet. I also fell of the workout wagon, so my fear is that the numbers haven't gone down much, if any.