Thursday, February 24, 2011

Participation Required, Please

Last night at church my friend Trey McQuaig told me about a little game that I though sounded like a fun way to pass some time at work.

So this morning, I started off with his first challenge: by clicking the links on a Wikipedia article, try to get from “Shakespeare” to “Mac” (Macintosh/Apple). I thought it sounded a little tricky, but I underestimated my powers. I was able to get there in only 5 quick clicks. And I was pretty proud of myself actually! (For those of you who aren’t aware of this, I’m kind of a Google Master – so that helps in this game.)

I texted him immediately for a harder challenge, and he responded with “Spaghetti” to “Holocaust.” And wanna guess how that went? Awesomely. On click number 3, I was at “concentration camps,” and by click number 4, I was at “Holocaust.” Boom. Roasted.  The next one was trickier, and required much more time, reading, and thought – “Gatorade” to “Star Wars.” But I still got it in only 4 clicks.

I like this game, and want to take it to the next level, if you will. So friends – I want to accept challenges from all of you. Please think long and hard, and then TEXT ME two words to connect through this Wikipedia game. I’ll even buy a treat for the person whose challenge requires the most clicks. (And yes, I will actually mail it to you if you live in say – NJ, Tennessee, St. Augustine or Pensacola!)
Ready, set, text-me-some-random-words-to-connect-for-my-game-GO!

Oh, and love yall.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Political Visit

Today, Governor Rick Scott came for a visit to the good ‘ole Department of Corrections. ALL of the Central Office employees were required to attend his address, which was held on the ground floor of our parking garage.
It was supposed to begin at 3 p.m., and about ten minutes before, four almost-identical black SUV’s made a spectacle of pulling in and backing around, making sure to face the entrance. Secret service personnel started pouring out, and “secured the perimeter” of the parking garage, standing about 20 yards apart from each other all the way around. Complete with fancy suits and ear pieces. Very official.
I don’t think I should broadcast to everyone out there if I voted for him or not, but I will say I was a bit underwhelmed by his ‘speech’ this afternoon. He didn’t seem to be the greatest speaker, and it felt a bit unprepared. During the Q & A portion, I don’t think he really even answered any of the questions? I can’t be too sure though, because honestly, I didn’t know what all they were talking about – taxes, retirement, benefits, blah, blah, blah, things that don’t affect me, yet. So it was hard to follow.
One lady did specifically ask him what he’s making the wealthiest Floridian’s do to contribute to our failing economy – and she got applauded for her question. But again, I’m not too sure what the answer was. It was kind of a canned response, and he seemed to evade the specific question, and simply dance around the answer.
All-in-all, it wasn’t too thrilling. But, I’m sure not complaining – I got to go sit outside in the nice weather for an hour instead of staring at my computer screen and answering stupid questions on the phone…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Practical Advice from Chocolate

For Valentine's Day, my Mama got me some of my favorite chocolates – Dove milk chocolate hearts. Although usually I do prefer the dark chocolate, these sure are scrum-diddily-umptious. (Everyone like that word?! I thought so.)

One reason why I like them so much though – aside from the sheer deliciousness obviously – is the quotes on the inside of the wrapper. Some are cute, some are funny, some are random and some are inspirational. But I always like them.

Example: "Chocolate. Always your Valentine." So true.

But yesterday, I only ate two all day, and they both said the same thing! I took that as a sign. The quote was "Do something spontaneous." While eating the first one, I actually did think of something I could do, but wasn't sure about actually doing it. However, after opening the second one, and seeing the same exact quote, I decided I had to do it!

So today I texted a slightly random friend with a spontaneous and slightly random proposition, that I'm actually quite excited about! They responded quicker than I was expecting, and this spontaneous plan has been set in motion. So thank you Dove chocolate quotes for providing me with a push to add a little bit more excitement in my life, and a chance to grow a friendship!

Oh, and if you're wondering what my proposition was – I can't actually tell you. The piece I ate today said: "Be a little mysterious." So I'm heeding the advice of this chocolate too and keeping it a mystery :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Playtime with Bridge

This weekend, my old college friend and roommate, Bridget, flew from Ohio to visit me! We had a lot of fun, made some great memories, and laughed a lot. Friday night I picked her up from the airport, and we headed to Friday's for food, fun and story/catch-up time. We talked for hours, and had so much to tell each other.

Saturday morning we went to Textures Handmade Market, which is one of my favorite little stores here in Tally, and we both got new goodies. Bee got a cute little ring, and I got a real cute headband! We drooled over the yummy cupcakes at Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery, my favorite bakery, and left empty handed unfortunately. But we were saving up for our own homemade cupcakes! We met my fam at Sonny's for some southern BBQ for my northern friend. Delish. Next I showed her around our humble little town - FSU campus, Garnet & Gold shop, Downtown, Capitol building...real exciting stuff.

We came home in time to make cupcakes, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip, with Nutella frosting. Oh so good.

Then we went to a little get-together for our "college group" at church for dinner and a bonfire. It wasn't too crazy cold, and we had ourselves a good time. Then we met some friends at Midtown for some hang out time, and had a blast :)

Sunday was coffee, coffee, coffee, church, Sunny-D, lunch at home, and then movie rest time all snuggly and cozy. After some relaxing, we walked around Lake Ella, took pretty pictures, and then headed to The Crepe Vine for dinner. Soo good. And we got a free dessert crepe. Even better. Sunday night was: Jim Gaffigan laugh time, listening to music, a tiny bit of Zumba, FRIENDS, Glee Karaoke and Jeopardy for the Wii. Fun, fun, fun.


Monday morning we got to sleep in, thank the Lord, and then we headed to good 'ole AMC to watch "The Mechanic." And it was an awesome movie!! I would definitely recommend this one. We came home and I made us a random lunch, which was quite yummy, and we watched some more FRIENDS while we ate - just like old times in the apartment. I took her to my favorite, Fuzions, and then it was time to go to the airport. We had a great weekend, and I'm so glad she was able to come here for the weekend!
Weekends are the best. And I wish there were more of them. And I'm already excited for next weekend - we're thinking it's a beach day! Much needed. And since I took the day off work today, I only have to make it through four days of work. Yes!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Polka-dot Painted Flower Pot

Last Saturday was rainy and kinda cold and real nasty. So I braved the weather in my rolled-up jeans and Sperry's to run a few errands and get some lunch. I then retreated to my dry, warm house for the perfect afternoon combination of movie rest time and craft time.

Painting is one of my favorite crafts. I'm not very good at it, and things certainly don't look perfect, but it is fun and relaxing. Mixing a few colors together to create the perfect color, then adding in just a bit more of another color to make it even better. Love it. Makes me feel accomplished that I've created such a pretty color, just by swirling things around. So Saturday I painted a flower pot.

A few weeks ago in youth, Duncan passed these out to all of us as a reminder of something that we needed to work on in our lives. The world is a dark place, and it needs SON-light, and sunlight. And so do the hard parts of our lives. We were supposed to name our flower something that would remind us of what we needed to pray for in our lives. Mine was named after a friend that I've been praying about for a few months.

The growth of the plant was supposed to represent the growth of what we were praying for. And you know what? That friendship is stronger than ever. My plant has grown a lot, and so has our relationship. When we first got the plants, it was just the bulb in the dirt – and now look at it! No blooms yet, but it's a beautiful green. And I know one day the tulips will be beautiful too! As will the relationship with my friend. The friendship still has some bumps, but it's grown so much, and I know it will only continue to grow. And so will my tulip :)
And for those of you who've seen all the bottles I had painted in my St. Augustine apartment, this probably looks familiar. But it's my favorite design – I just had to use it again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I’ve been having some struggles this week, and I just want to write about it to get it off my chest a little bit – so, sorry for a slightly boring post…

Earlier in the week on Sunday night I said something rude to a good friend, and offended this person a whole lot. I immediately felt bad, tried to call them, and got the voicemail. I pseudo-apologized, and asked for a return call for a proper apology, but to no avail. After a few more attempts that night and the next day, I finally received my answer – “no we’re not ok, I don’t want to talk about it. Give me time.”

Not only was this NOT the answer I was hoping for, it is also NOT the way I usually handle problems. For example – a few weeks ago, a friend and I had an issue on a Saturday night. The next day after church and lunch, we met and talked about it. We ended up working everything out and we were fine. By that evening, we were laughing and sharing a pizza like nothing had happened. All good. And that’s how I like to handle my problems – talk it out, immediately.

But this time I can’t, because they don’t want to. And it’s really hard for me to actually leave it alone, and just allow time and space. It’s so opposite of what I want to do! But if this is what’s going to help our problem, then I guess that’s what I have to do. So I’m waiting. Not very patiently, but I’m trying.

And on top of this specific incident, I was told that I often say things without thinking about it first. It was a little shocking because it’s something I hadn’t been told before, but now it’s gotten me concerned that I’ve hurt others in the past, without even realizing it. So if that is true, please know that I’m sorry! I hope you all know that I would never want to hurt my friends intentionally.

So, please pray for me as I try to work on the things I say from now on, because the tongue is a difficult thing to tame. In fact, scripture tells us so. Read James 3:1-12; that’s what I’ll be working on. Here is an excerpt: “From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so,” vs. 10.

Friends – please pray with me that this is a task I can accomplish, because it’s going to be hard. Love to you all.

(P.S. – if you are the person I’m referring to from Sunday, and you’re reading this, I’m still waiting. And I’m ready. So when you’re ready, I’ll still be here.)