Monday, December 6, 2010

Pizza Scarves

This weekend, one of my great friends, Nicole Ongalo, became Mrs. Brandon McKenzie. It was beautiful, fun, amazing, uplifting and loving.

My wonderful friends drove from St. Augustine Friday afternoon, picked me up in Tallahassee, and after yummy dinner at Moes, we finished our drive to Pensacola Beach. We didn't make it in time for the bachelorette party, so they brought the party to our beach house instead! We got to hang out with old friends, meet new ones, and laugh a lot. We played catch-up-on-life, and shared a lot with each other.

Saturday morning, we woke up casually -with zero food in the house for breakfast- and hung out together for a while. We met all the girls at Panera for delicious lunch, and then did some shopping at the mall. We got lots of girly things, spent time with Nicole, and had some great fun.

We spent some more time hanging out that afternoon, went to Target to get some food for dinner, and headed back to our house. We made pizza's and had movie-rest time while we watched "Casino Royale." Intense. And then we played Quelf. Awesome, and so freaking hilarious.
  Sunday was spent gloriously lounging around the house playing cards, eating turkey sandwiches, playing on the beach, looking for shells, and reading. We started getting ready, and it took us forever, but we looked great, might I say.

The wedding was winter-beautiful, and Nicole was stunning. We ate yummy food, laughed a ton, and danced even more. Like, we dance sooo much. And we loved it. And it was great. After we ate cake, clapped for the married couple on their way out, we invited others to our beach house. It was fun to continue our dance party, and we had a great night. We stayed up super late, danced a lot more, (with scarves) got really, really silly, laughed more than I have in a while, and just enjoyed spending time all together again.

Monday morning, Zach came in and woke us up at the ungodly hour of 5:40, we jammed all of our dresses and heels back in our bags, threw away our trash, packed the cars quickly, and were outta there by 6:10. We dropped off the keys, and hit I-10 East. We stopped for a very filling breakfast at Cracker Barrel where we all ate a little bit too much, had some coffee, and hit the road again. They dropped me back off at my car, and they headed back to St. Augustine.

The weekend was absolutely amazing, and I have the best friends ever. We literally could not have had more fun, except if ALL of our friends could have been there. I am so happy for Brandon and Nicole, and I wish you both so many blessings! Congratulations!