Monday, February 25, 2013

Princess & Pirate Party and Precipitation

Hello Monday. And hello blog friends. I'm not feeling as chipper and cheerful this morning as I usually am, but that's OK. Someday's you just feel kind of BLAH, ya know? I'm super tired still, and my throat hurts, and I feel  like I might be at the onset of a cold, and just overall kind of icky today... So first thing this morning, I'm drinking a big mug of hot tea, and even though I'm trying to avoid sugar, I put some honey in today to soothe my throat. Hopefully that'll perk me up a bit and make me feel a little better.

Anyways, enough whining - because I did have a pretty great weekend! And surprisingly, I feel like writing/talking quite a bit, so this has the potential to be a pretty wordy post... ;)

Friday right after work, Jeff and I hit the road on our way up to middle-Georgia to visit his brother & sister-in-law, for his niece's birthday party! It rained poured the entire drive up there, which made me drive so much slower than the actual speed limit. We stopped for a good dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Thomasville, and I was able to eat healthy, but still have a steak, thanks to their awesome 'Fit & Trim' menu items. We hit the road again after dinner, and it ended up taking us much longer than normal to get there because of the rain, but we finally made it there around 10 pm! Libby was still awake though, because she was excited to see us, so we got to have some hugs before she finally went to bed :)

Petite sirloin, with grilled asparagus & roasted spaghetti squash. Oh and I had a tiny biscuit. Still only 531 calories! 

Saturday morning, we all woke up a bit earlier than Jeff would have liked, but that's what happens with a 5-year-old and an 11-month-old in the house! But they're cute, so he was OK with it when sweet little Libby went to wake him up :) We had pancakes for breakfast, then watched some cartoons, and then we got showered and dressed. Libby wanted her Uncle Jeff and (soon-to-be!!) Aunt Halie to take her to another birthday party that morning, so we loaded up and headed off to Monkey Joe's. She had fun running around like a crazy lady, and we had fun watching her, while chatting with some of the other grown-ups. 

After we got back to their house, Libby got dressed for her Princess & Pirate birthday party, while we helped with the last bit of set-up. Libby's favorite movie right now is "Brave," so she had an awesome Merida costume she wore! Complete with a crazy-curly red wig, and of course a bow and arrow, and she looked so great! And even the littlest babies were dressed up! Her little sister was Cinderella and her little cousin was Rapunzel. So stinking precious. The party was crazy, but fun and there were lots of tiny Princesses & Pirates! After the party, we had to head back down to Tally, so we set off, only to drive all the way home in the rain again. Soo annoying.

Libby's/Merida's baby cousin in purple = Rapunzel. And Libby's/Merida's baby sister = Cinderella. 

Sunday morning was our usual routine of church and 3rd grade Sunday school, and then we went to my Grandparent's house for lunch with my family to hear about my cousin's weekend. (Short story -- my cousin Aaron had been on an amazing weekend trip to Virginia, as part of the process to figure out the plan for the next part of his life. For the past couple of years, he felt he was being called to oversea's missions, but this past weekend he felt God whispering another path for him. He listened to the door close on oversea's missions, and heard the window open to seminary and preaching. He is now looking into seminary options, and we're so excited for him!!) 

After lunch, I met Jeff at his house. My friend Lacey is out of town this whole week for work, and so Jeff and I are taking care of her 5-year-old daughter Danielle for the week! So yesterday afternoon we headed to Tom Brown Park for her to practice riding her bike. And I ran a mile :) And then she played some on the playground, and then there was a giant hail storm all over the city! Luckily we were already in the car though! We went back to the house to watch "Tangled" and I made her some mac-n-cheese for dinner. And it still rained all night long. After bath time, it was bed time for her, and then we hung out some more just watching some movies! (And I cheated on my diet and ate pizza for dinner :( But it was delicious, so I'll make up for it today...)

So -- a TON of Precipitation the entire weekend, and it's pouring again all day today. Like, for real, pouring. We had fun with his family, ate some good food, and we're off to a good start for a week of babysitting. Hopefully tonight continues to go smoothly with her, and we have no big issues! 

Tomorrow is of course my usual Tuesday post for my First Things First link up! And I'm excited because tomorrow starts the first round of awesome co-hosts for this, with Ricci & Gayle. If you want to get ahead of the game, tomorrow's topics are: First choice of dessert, First choice of beverage and First choice of breakfast. Looking forward to all the link ups from you lovelies tomorrow! 

Hope y'all are feeling better than I am so far today, and that you had good weekends too :) Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon! And now that I've finished my entire cup of tea while writing this, I think it might be time for a second round. So, what did y'all do this weekend? Something fun and exciting? Have you been stuck in the rain all weekend too? I'm definitely over it...

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Kadi @ Sheer Serendipity said...

that dinner looks AMAYZING! and that brave costume is just too cute haha

Stephanie + Walter said...

What a fun weekend!!! And that dinner looks super amazing. Also, I kind of want a princess & pirate party. ;)

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

Sorry you don't feel well lady! Try this: tea + honey + brandy! It is disgusting but works - back in my day as a music major I had one of my big recitals and was so sick, my professor made me drink this before going out on like magic :)

Robin said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'm going to try one of those Fit & Trim meals the next time we go to Ruby Tuesday. Spaghetti squash might take some getting used to, though.

housegirlhaley said...

In your comments a couple of weeks ago someone pointed out that all your posts begin with "P." I felt pretty dumb for not realizing that sooner. I looked at your list of previous posts and it totally blew my mind. haha.

1. I usually hate Ruby Tuesdays, but your dinner looks delicious. Them veggies! Spaghetti squash is one of my favorites, but I've never seen it at a restaurant before.

2. That Merida wig is amazing. A couple of my nieces have Ariel wigs, and wigs on children are just hilarious to me.

SH said...

That food looks amazing - that party sounds fun!!

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

Timbuckto said...

I agree, and I forgot about it. I have music friends that would use whiskey instead of brandy as it burned a little more. You know, depending on the ick. I'll have to suggest it to Halie.