Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pomegranate Tea - First Things First

Hello Lovers! I am sooo super excited for this link up today, because even though I'll miss my dear Hallie, today is the first day of all my new co-hosts! While Hallie is busy preparing for all sorts of wedding stuff, I have some awesome blogger friends that are helping me co-host this fun link up every week for the next couple of months. And today is the first week of that! Hooray! 

Today, the two lovely ladies co-hosting with me are Gayle @ Grace for Gayle and Ricci @ Ricci Explains It All

And today's topics, which are all food-related, are:

First beverage of choice
First breakfast of choice
First dessert of choice

First beverage of choice: Almost always always water, especially right now when I'm really trying to be super healthy. And I'm also staying away from sugar right now which eliminates most everything else. So definitely water all the time. But I have also gotten re-obsessed with hot tea, so there's been a lot of that happening lately too! Like, at least twice a day every day at work... My favorite flavor right now is Pomegranate. But if I'm going for a splurge, I'd love a Polar Pop from the Circle K - half Cherry Coke and half Coke Zero, and a whopping 75 cents. So yummy. Jeff is the best at getting the mixture of the two just perfect :)

First breakfast of choice: Hmmm, this one depends... On weekday's I almost always have either a banana or some strawberries. However, if it's a Saturday morning at home, usually I want my dad to make me an egg sandwich or fried eggs on a bagel. But I also love me some pancakes, especially with chocolate chips in them :)  And if I'm going all out, some peanut butter smeared on top. However, I'm currently trying to steer clear of all of those delicious and fattening things, so I try to stick with fruit even on the weekends.

First dessert of choice: Probably cheesecake. I don't think I'd ever turn down a great cheesecake. Or any cheesecake for that matter. In all reality, I'd just never turn down a cheesecake... But other than that, I love all things that combine the gloriousness of chocolate and peanut butter. Like Reese's or something. Ooooh, how about some Reese's cheesecake? Sounds amazing.

Smothered in strawberry sauce and Hershey's is the way I prefer it, especially for my birthday, which this was :)

If you'd like to join in on this fun link up, check out the super simple 'rules' below, and get to writing! Can't wait to see all the new link ups this week, meet new friends, and read y'all's posts!

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And if you'd like to prepare and get ready for next week's First Things First link up, start by checking out next week's awesome co-hosts, Jessica @ City Sequins & Robin @ The Sunshine Diary. And the topics for next week are:
1. First speeding ticket or traffic accident
2. First BIG accomplishment you're proud of
3. First thing you usually reach for in the fridge


Stephanie + Walter said...

I love pancakes with chocolate chips! If I stay at my sister's house, she makes them a lot because my 2 year old nephew loves them! I hate syrup though! haha

Tasha Lott said...

Reese's Cheesecake sounds UH-MAZING!
I am also a cheesecake lover. If someone's offering, I'm eating!

Elizabeth Trull said...

I'm actually drinking pomegranate tea as I read this, lol. I love tea and cheesecake as well!

Ech and Will said...

Mmmm cheesecake! Love the stuff!

Megan said...

That cheesecake looks freaking delicious. I have been on a tea kick too.

SH said...

That cheesecake looks delicious :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
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