Monday, February 18, 2013

Pictionary, Pitch Perfect & Pizza Recap

Hello Monday morning! Hello blog friends! It's freezing here in Florida today - which always makes for an interesting day for us 'natives.' I mean it was 27 degrees when I woke up today - that is just not normal here! It's 'warmed up' a bit since then, but the high is still only in the 60's for today. (I know I probably should not be complaining because my blog friends up there in Minnesota would trade places with me and this weather in a heartbeat, but Floridians aren't made for 27 degrees.)

So first of all, there are a ton more of new lovely followers today, than when I last left you on Friday afternoon! So welcome to those of you who are new around these parts! I'm guessing my very recent engagement story might have reeled a few of you in? Or maybe Maria from Agape Love sent you over here since she started pimping me out as one of her new sponsors? However you found me doesn't matter - I'm just so glad you're here! If you haven't yet, let me know you're new by saying hello, because I really would like to send an email your way and get to know you a little bit more! And in the mean time, here are a few blog posts to get to know more about me if you're interested :)

And now, here's my weekend recap, although it's not much, so don't get too excited just yet... ;)

Ran a quick mile Friday after work
Talked to a couple lovely friends on the phone
Picked up Jeff
Went to a friend's house for some pizza, and we ended up watching "The Wedding Planner" :) 
Went back to Jeff's house early, and just relaxed

Hiked the trail at Maclay Gardens with my parents, and luckily we didn't get stormed on like we thought we might
Picked up Jeff, and had lunch at Tijuana Flats
Ran errands at Costco and Home Depot
Both of us got hair cuts (him a lot more than me)
Made a cute cover photo for my Facbook timeline  
Went to Walmart two more times to find the right part for his broken toilet
Fixed the toilet
Went over to a friends house for a giant game of boys vs. girls Pictionary
The girls killed it, and we won like usual :)

This cute boy just being silly with his Valentine's candy I gave him :)
Went to my church, but a small SS group ended up combining with another teacher, so I was done for the day
Then went to Jeff's church, and showed off my ring to everyone there :)
Had lunch at his house, then stayed home allllll day being so lazy (Pitch Perfect, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory)
Seriously - one of the laziest days we've ever had, and it was great

And that's about all. It was wonderfully lazy and relaxing, but we had fun together and laughed a lot. And yes, I still stared at my ring a lot too :) Oh, and the tulips he sent to my office on Valentine's Day are opening up and looking beautiful! There are still a few that are closed up some (mostly the white ones), but they're all still gorgeous!

We just had a big breakfast at work to celebrate our February birthday's, and now I've probably eaten half of my calorie allotment for the day...although I'm not going to input any of it into MFP, because I'm scared to know how much it truly was. I'll just promise to eat good for lunch and dinner, and make sure I do some workout something-or-other after work today! (Run if it's not freezing? Zumba at home if it is?) It was worth it though - because there were some delicious casseroles and grits. Yum! Here's to another Monday in the office (although I hear some people have today off for President's Day? Ugh, not me), and getting through another week! Then tonight I'm going grocery shopping, because tomorrow I'm starting a two-week carb-cleanse. I'm not going to eat bread, pasta or anything like that for two weeks. I did it once before last year, and it was great, so I'm hoping for good results this time around too!

Tomorrow is our "First Things First" link up just like every Tuesday with myself and Hallie from Life: Oceanside. And of course we would love for you to join in with us! Tomorrow's topics are:

1. First thing you do at the gym
2. First date with your current significant other (or pick any first date if you're currently single)
3. First email address you ever had

Can't wait to hear all about y'all's weekends, because I'd like to hear some of y'all did something more exciting than me?! I want to read all about it! And I can't wait to read your First Things First post tomorrow as well! What did y'all do this weekend? Was it crazy and fun, or more chilled and relaxing like mine?

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Robin said...

Those tulips are pretty!

I would try a carb cleanse, but since they supposedly give you energy, I am hesitant to cut them out completely. I am eating reduced portions of them, though.

Sara Blinder said...

I've been married almost four years and I still catch myself staring at my ring sometimes.

Jennie said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Miranda said...

You are right about the native Floridian thing...100%! Any morning that I have to wait for my windshield to defrost is not okay! Lol.

Your engagement story was so adorable! I would say staring at the ring is perfectly acceptable. :p

Have a great day!

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I watched a lot of Big Bang Theory yesterday myself. I had it on the DVR and it was starting to fill up (again) so I needed to watch some stuff to free up some space for this week's shows.

I am one of those lucky people with the day off for Presidents' Day. The perks of working with banks I guess. :)

Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Kenzie Smith said...

I love your engagement story! Sounds like you had a wonderful and fun weekend :) Gorgeous tulips!
Stopping by from This Weekend I... ♥

Amber said...

I love fun weekends like this - friends, games and tacos? Perfection!

Love your tulips, gorgeous!

Stephanie + Walter said...

It's official. I NEED TO SEE PITCH PERFECT! Everyone has seen it. Ugh! haha

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

I love Pictionary and Pitch Perfect... Sounds like a good weekend :)