Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paris, Pens, Playlist, Planner & Pink

I am 'stealing' this idea from my friend Bri over at Breezy Days. She just did this yesterday, and I thought it was so cute, I had to write it down so I could do it someday myself. But I just couldn't wait and started working on it right away, so that I could just post it today! Plus, I've gotten a ton of new followers from a giveaway I'm participating in, so I figure you newbies might like to learn a little more about me. And besides, we all know how much I love lists, right?! 

Well I decided to add a little spin on things, and also add in a few more categories, so here we go!

Sets of FIVES

Five things you'll find in my purse...
1. There's almost always a bottle or two of nail polish in there
2. Six, colored Sharpie pens, that no one else can write with...
3. Burt's Bees chap stick. Always. 
4. Hand lotion, because I hate it when my hands feel dry
5. Little pouch full of gift cards waiting to be spent until I lose more weight (don't want to buy clothes now, then quickly shrink out of them in the next couple months!)

Five things you'll find in my bedroom...
1. Tons of stuff that doesn't have a 'home' so it just sits around somewhere
2. Stuffed animals, even though I'm 25 years old
3. Almost always or pile or basket of clean clothes I don't feel like dealing with
4. A bookshelf stuffed to the brim, and still piles of books on the floor...
5. Candles on just about every flat surface (bookshelf, vanity, dresser, night stand, knick-knack shelf...)

Five things I've always wanted to do...
1. Get a tattoo!
2. Go to Paris
3. Learn the guitar, although recently I've changed that to ukulele ;)
4. Get married
5. Meet and pet a penguin!!

Five random things I'm currently loving...
1. My beautiful engagement ring :) P.S. - Y'all getting tired of me mentioning that? Hope not, 'cause I prob won't stop...
2. My running playlist I made for myself
3. Veggie burgers - just sans bun for a little while since I'm trying to be super low-carb
4. Blogging. But duh, I always love that. It's just been sooo much fun lately! Thanks to you wonderful peeps :)
5. A lot more pink than usual...Turquoise is supposed to be my favorite, but I've been rockin' a lot of pink lately

Five weird quirks I have...
1. I always have multiple water glasses in my room, because I can't drink it again once it gets dusty overnight
2. I'm OCD about really random things (bed sheets, labels, my planner, placement of things)
3. I get creeped out easily and get the heebie-jeebies from the most random stuff. Like, a LOT.
4. I can kind of imitate Mickey Mouse, especially when I say, "Oh boy!" and sometimes when I laugh
5. My toenails must always, always be painted. Otherwise, ew.... I hate it.

Five random songs from my running playlist...
1. 22 by Taylor Swift
2. What Goes Around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake
3. Thrift Shop by Macklemore
4. Keep Holding On by the Glee cast
5. Babel by Mumford & Sons

That was fun, and easy! Just my favorite kind of blog post :) You guys should play along too if you want, because I always like learning more about my blog friends! So what are some random things about you??


Thirsty World Designs said...

I love your square ring, its so gorgeous!

Emily @ {re}discovering home said...

Love this! I will be stealing the idea shortly ;)

Sarah Martin said...

You know I'll be stealing this! Love your ring, so pretty!

-Sarah @

Stephanie + Walter said...

Love 22 by TSwizzle! always makes me wanna run or dance. It's a fun song.

Mallory Hermann said...

I do the same thing with my night time water. I cannot drink dusty water!

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

If you ever go to SeaWorld in Florida...I can hook you up with a penguin can pet and hold them :)

Sara Pilling said...

I've just pinched this...I hope you don't mind. It was lovely to read some fun and interesting things about you. Hoping you'll hop on over to my blog and have a look. x

Lisa said...

Totally Stole this as well... Love learning about everyone.

Robin said...

Burt's Bees chapstick is the best.
Your ring is pretty!

andy brienne said...

You're ring is beautiful. So say it all you want. Classy, classy.

Rachel said...

As we speak, I have 3 glasses next to the bed. I always get a new one too!

Timbuckto said...

I might need to email you some time. You know, encase I plan an awesome surprise for her... But shhhh don't tell her. ;-)