Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Personal Trainer, Email & Dates - First Things First

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! Today is the seventh week of our First Things First link up, and obviously I'm excited about it! We are loving this link up, and every week we're getting a few more people to join in with us! I'm definitely already anticipating some new link-uppers for this week as well!

However, some slightly sad news to announce, is that Hallie won't be co-hosting this with me for a while, because her wedding is coming up so soon! So she needs a little break to keep her sanity :) So today, I'm hosting all on my own, and looking for up to 4 co-hosts for the next 4 weeks! If I get more, we'll do multiple co-hosts in a week. If you're interested in co-hosting this fun link up, let me know in the comments below. You must submit at least TWO new ideas for 'first' topics, and please make sure you're not a no-reply commenter, so I can get back with you!!

This week's topics are:

First thing I do at the gym
First Date with Current Significant Other
First email address

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First thing I do at the gym: 
Um, well since I haven't really been to the gym since I was about 16 years old, I have zero idea what the first thing would be. Probably find a machine that's the furthest away from everyone else as possible, so that I can embarrass myself in front of fewer people... Maybe the elliptical or something like that? Maybe I'd be lucky enough to get myself a personal trainer?!

However, I have actually been really considering getting a gym membership lately - which would be the first one in my life! And now that I've got a sparkly ring on my finger and will be wearing a gorgeous white dress in the not-so-distant future, I figure that's even more incentive than ever! So maybe I'll do some research this week, and find the right one to join this weekend?! Any tips and/or advice?! Or Tally friends - favorite here?!

First date with my current significant other: (aka my FIANCE!)
Most of you should know by now, we actually met on an online dating site back in May 2011. So we talked and chatted and phone called and emailed and texted and instant messaged for two weeks before ever meeting each other IRL (In Real Life). Well then our first IRL meeting was a random Thursday night when we both happened to be at the movie theater at the same time, with different people. His movie was starting five minutes after mine ended, so we said a quick 'hello' and gave each other a slightly awkward hug, and then went on our way...

BUT, our first real date was that next Tuesday after a long Memorial Day weekend for a lunch date! He had texted me that morning and surprised me by asking if I actually wanted to meet him for lunch that day. I of course said yes, even though I was so so very nervous about it! (I was just glad I had on a really cute dress and was looking good that day!) So we had a very romantic first date at Zaxby's on our lunch break during the middle of our work day :) Don't worry though, he did at least pay for our fancy meal! My heart was definitely pounding, but I quickly found that it was really easy to talk to this cute, freckly boy across the table from me. Since we had already learned so much about each other in those first two weeks of chatting, it made the transition to real life so much easier. At the end of our short lunch break, I wished I could have stayed and talked with him so much more! But unfortunately, we had to go back to our offices for the rest of the day.

It was such an easy, and casual 'first date,' that it ended up setting the tone for those first few weeks of us dating. It made things really simple and easy, and we could just do 'normal' things and not put too much pressure on ourselves! Seems like it worked out pretty well for us now :)

Not from our first date, but it is one of our first pictures - July 2011, at the twins' 5th birthday party.

First email address:
Well, I think this was when I was in 6th grade or so, so that was probably around 2000. (That hardly even sounds like a real year to me for some reason right now?!) It was back in the days of super slow dial-up internet, and the days of AOL. (Who loves the movie "You've Got Mail?" I do!)

Anyways, I somehow managed to escape the trend of crazy/wacky screen names all the other 12-year-old girls were obsessed with like "2Cute4U" and "MrsTimberlake88" and some other mess like that...  Mine wasn't too ridiculous though, but just enough to make me still sound like a silly pre-teen girl. For some reason, 'my number' back then was 17, so I had to include that in my email address, which was: HalieBaby17@aol.com . See? Not so bad, right? But eventually it did start sounding to silly to me, so when I was a senior in high school, I got a new, more 'grown-up' one to show how mature I was: Halez2006@yahoo.com . See? Mature meant my high school graduation year baked into my email address :) It wasn't until my senior year of college that I moved on from that one, and finally created a 'real' grown-up one, using just my name and some logically placed punctuation :)

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1. First breakfast of choice
2. First dessert of choice
3. First beverage of choice

Looking forward to you writing your own post to join with us throughout this week, and reading all of your fun answers!


thefatfriend.com said...

I love this link up! This is my first week and I can't wait to read some other posts! Thank you for hosting such an awesome link up.

Jenn said...

new follower and brandnew to this link up ! its very exciting :)

Jessica Gogan said...

Hey girl! Such a cute pic of you and your fiance! I'd love to co-host with you...this link up is so fun. Some first ideas I have are first time you got a speeding ticket (if ever), first time living away from your parents, first BIG accomplishment that you're proud of! I'd LOVE to swap buttons too if you are looking for new swap sponsors :)

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I saw your title of a personal trainer? are you gonna get one? I have some advice is why I ask. lol

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

Hey there! I'm linking up to this for the first time this week :) I'd love to co-host with you!

Carrie Land said...

Hey Halie! You and I would do the same first thing at the gym, haha! I have tried YMCA and Curves. Curves was definitely my favorite. The local one here is just so inviting and everyone's so encouraging. I never felt uncomfortable there!

I love your progression of email addresses. Mine kinda went that way, too! Once I hit late high school, I realized I need a 'real' email address that I wouldn't be embarrassed to give out in the professional world.

I'm interested in co-hosting with you one week. Some ideas for firsts: first real piece of jewelry you ever received, first blog post, first magazine subscription, first time staying home alone, first alcoholic drink. I have endless ideas!

Kate said...

Yipe! How did I miss your engagement??? Commenting on that post now, girl!

Kadi @ Sheer Serendipity said...

Love this link up! You guys met online? I always love hearing stories about that! how cute :)

Rachel said...

Congrats again on the engagement. :)

I always love seeing people's first email addresses. I think mine was DanceGirl or something like that. Ha!

Tasha Lott said...

Congrats on getting engaged!! I remember how exciting that was for me! I wish I could experience it all over again!

I'd love to co-host one week! I LOVE this link-up!

Maybe First Kiss, First Pinterest project, First Pet?