Friday, February 15, 2013

Penmanship - Round 2

Remember a couple months ago when I found a super cute blog (Something Charming) with a super cute idea (Write It Down & Link It Up)? Well I jumped at the chance then to do her first Write It Down post, and I loved it! So when I saw she was doing one for Valentine's Day as well, of course I had to jump at that one too! So go to her post here to check out her beautiful handwriting, as well as a ton of other blogger ladies that have linked-up as well!

Something Charming

This was a simple project I made as part of Jeff's Valentine's Day present. And while it's not a lot of writing, it's enough for me to show my handwriting a little bit! I love the way it turned out, and I can't wait to hang it up in his room this weekend! :) I've had this done for a few days now, but couldn't post it before giving it to him, since I know he reads this!

The project itself was super easy too. All I did was rip some pages from an old book (I keep this one specifically for craft projects like this!), tore up tissue paper into little pieces, Mod-Podge-ed the tissue paper in heart shapes, and then broke out the crayons! Jeff actually loves those little swirly's I drew, and thinks I do my 'best work' with Crayons :) So I did those two things especially for him! Then I just used thin twine and festive washi tape! So, so easy, and still super cute. He loved it too, and thinks it looks great!

Oh, and even though I haven't posted all of the exciting details yet, if you've haven't already, you  might want to check out my announcement from earlier this morning, for the Preview of My Special Night!!!


Sarah Martin said...

These are gorgeous!

-Sarah @

Kimmyyy83 said...

Congrats again girl!!!

Sarah said...

cute! where did you get your washi tape? and congrats!! enjoy wedding planning- it's fun but it goes too fast!

Cammie said...

love what you did! oooh, and congrats on the engagement!! hey, do you have an email? I wanted to invite you to participate in another linkup-type thing, but couldn't find your contact info! you can email me at cambellsoup [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll fill you in. :)

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

That looks like a really neat project to do. I love the swirly's too! Jealous that you can do that kind of thing because I definitely cannot.