Friday, May 9, 2014

High Five for Friday - Week #6

Welcome, Friday - good to see ya, old friend! Another long week of work is in the books, and thankfully another Friday has arrived. And it's arrival is a great thing. And of course since it's Friday, today we're going to be joining in with Miss Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday.

1. This week has been employee appreciate week at work, so they've actually been really good to us, and loaded us up with treats and goodies. Monday we got Chick-fil-A biscuits when we walked in the building; Tuesday my bureau chief provided us donuts; Thursday we got ice cream; and today they'll be providing us lunch. Oh, and my bureau chief also got us all travel coffee mugs with the Department's logo on it. They're pretty neat. Overall, it's been a good week here at the State!

2. Wednesday was Jeff's birthday, and we've just had so much fun celebrating that a couple of times. We've had a total of four birthday dinners with different family members, and it's been so great spending time with everyone!

3. Sunday night we grilled out on the back deck, and it was so lovely out there. Sizzlin' Sunday's are becoming a favorite of ours for these warm summer nights!

4. On Monday night after work, Primrose and I met Angie at the new Cascades Park for a little run/walk time together. We did two miles, and just enjoyed catching up a bit on our walk.

5. Back in January, I bought a Living Social deal to, to order a custom photo canvas. It was going to expire April 30, so last week I rushed to finally get my order placed. Yesterday when I came home at lunch, it was sitting on my doorstep, and I actually squealed a little bit I was so excited! And y'all, it looks so stinking amazing! I don't have a picture of it, but as soon as we get it hung up, I will share it here. I'm so glad it turned out so great. (I'll at least post the picture I ordered though....)

This weekend we are going on another road trip, to attend another wedding! This one is up in Atlanta, and we're pretty excited about this one too. Also, I got a new dress to wear to the wedding, and I'm excited about that too :) Praying for safe travel today, and good weather throughout the weekend. I'm just going to miss my little Primrose while we're gone, because she's staying here with the in-laws again. (Jeff's mom has fallen in love with her, and is really looking forward to keeping her for us again!)

Thankful for a great week, and looking forward to an even better weekend. Happy Friday to you lovelies as well!
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Logan Cantrell said...

Weddings are so much fun! I love the pic of y'all with the bike! Too cute!