Friday, May 16, 2014

High Five for Friday - Week #7

This feels like it's been a pretty long week you guys, so I for one am happy (as always) that today is finally Friday! Work has been good, but busy, and we even got some good news this week - which I'll tell you about as one of my high five moments in just a bit... Overall, it was a good week, but I'm ready to get the next eight hours of work over with, and head into the weekend! But first, let's head into my weekly installment of High Five for Friday, to link up with Lauren.

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1. We made really yummy homemade vegetarian pizza for Meatless Monday. Here's the quick "recipe" - spread out some fresh dough (we got it from Publix), spread a layer of Classico pesto sauce, a layer of thawed frozen spinach, some red onion slices, and mine got mushrooms and tomatoes. Top all of that with a big handful of mozzarella cheese, then dollop on little drops of goat cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or so, and viola - delicioso! Seriously y'all, it's sooo good. I made it again for my lunch on Tuesday, on a whole wheat Flatout, and it was just as good.

2. My mama tried a new recipe for making her own iced coffee, and so on Wednesday morning she picked me up before work, and brought me a cup of it! It's so good. And she even made her own creamer for it too. Here's the recipe she found from Pinterest if you're interested. 

My sister gave me this tumbler as part of my MoH present :)
3. We got good news at work this week. For my section, there are supposed to be 10 total positions that do what I do - right now however, we're only at six. And it's kind of killing us. But we found out on Tuesday that even though our whole Department is on a hiring freeze, they're allowing us to get new employees, and fill our empty OPS position as well! This is a huge deal guys, even if it doesn't quite sound like it - believe me, we're pumped about it.

4. I posted my summer bucket list the other day, and I'm excited to get movin' on it! Hopefully we'll be better at this one, than at the springtime one I made, because I didn't do hardly anything from that one... Oopsies!

5. Primrose is a really funny dog, and lately, she's starting refusing to eat by herself. So one night, we came home to find she had carried her bowl into the living room, leaving a trail of food behind her. We cracked up laughing when we saw it. Well now, if she hasn't eaten by the time we settle onto the couch for the night, we have to bring her food bowl in there with us so she'll eat her dinner. She's so funny and we love her so much :)

Tonight we might have a couple friends over (if one of them is up for it after her nursing shift) to grill some burgers and sit on the porch. There's a concert at the park by our house tonight, and we can hear it just by sitting outside! So that should be fun, and the weather is gorgeous today, so that will be nice to enjoy being outside for a while tonight. Then tomorrow we're going kayaking!! And I'm so freaking excited about that! Can't wait! Happy Friday y'all, see ya Monday!
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Jess said...

That pizza sounds good! I have also been making iced coffee this week... love it!

Sarah said...

You've inspired me to make a bucket list for this summer!!

Anonymous said...

Pizza - yum! Homemade Iced Coffee - yum! (I'm starving over here!) I've been there with the short-staffed department, so I know how happy you and your coworkers are to have some pressure taken off of you. It's hard to carry the load of 4 empty positions! Have a great, restful weekend! Katie @ The Cup of Tea blog

Brianne said...

Both the coffee & pizza sound so good! That's so great that you'll be getting more employees to help with the work.