Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beautiful Bridesmaids Luncheon

Hello lovely blogger ladies and friends, today is another wedding recap. But I'm getting really excited about these, because now we're finally into the actual week of the wedding! After today I'll do the rehearsal dinner, and then I'll finally get to share more wedding photos!! So let's get to the beautiful bridesmaids luncheon, shall we...?

Friday, October 4, my Aunt Suzanne  hosted an extremely beautiful bridesmaids luncheon. (She also did Megan's back in May, and both of them were just perfect!) She is such a great hostess, and always makes sure everything looks amazing and tastes delicious. And my bridesmaids luncheon was of course no exception to that! We started with punch and appetizers in the back yard, then for lunch we had poppy seed chicken, bacon wrapped green bean bundles, squash casserole and a few other yummies.

Delicious food my aunt made
My little sister and best friend, Megan, was my Matron of Honor; I met Bridget at Flagler and we became fast friends, then we were roommates our senior year '09-'10; I also met Jenni at Flagler, and roomed together for a quick summer in 2009. These three girls all mean so much to me, and I am truly blessed and grateful that each one of them were a part of our special wedding day. I love all of these ladies so much, and couldn't have asked for better bridesmaids!

Megan (sister), Bridget, BRIDE :) & Jenni
My super sweet Aunt Suzanne, who hosted my beautiful bridesmaids luncheon!
Their goody bags I had made for them (on Etsy), full of a few goodies for each of them :)
Me, my Grandmommie, and my Mama
Megan (sister and MOH), me and our Mama
It was a beautiful and lovely luncheon, and I'm so thankful for a great aunt who was sweet enough to host this for not only my sister a few months ago, but for me now as well! I am a blessed girl and a blessed bride. Looking forward to sharing a few more recaps of our wedding in the next few weeks!
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Oh and P.S. - some of the pictures up there are blurry, and I have no idea why...but let's just pretend they're perfectly clear, mmkay? Thanks :)


Miranda said...

As have an adorable dress on! :)

After Eleven Blog said...

seriously beautiful luncheon! and I love your dress and the chevron skirt too :)

Michelle said...

Looks like it was a really special day you look so happy :)

Wenni Donna said...

Truly food looks delicious. I am also thinking to make something yummy for my friends in my bridal shower party at NYC wedding venues. Can you suggest me what should I cook for atleast 15-20 people. Also suggest me ideas on decoration part too!