Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner

So I've taken a small break from blogging this week, which was kind of an accident, but I'm back at it again, and today I'm sharing another wedding update. The night before the wedding, our whole wedding party and family made the short 30-minute drive from town down to Wakulla Springs, to check out the place, find our spots for the ceremony, and do the usual quick walk-through for the next day. We also brought all the decorations and unloaded them there for the night. 

After about an hour, we were all finished at Wakulla Springs and so we headed back to Tally for the rehearsal dinner! Jeff's mom (and some helper-friends of hers) set it all up in the fellowship hall at their church, and did a good job decorating everything in turquoise and purple. They even got some youth from the church to act as waiters, so it was really nice :)

Our last picture before becoming man and wife!
Jenni and Jeff's Granny became best friends, and they instantly loved each other :)
Love this pretty sister of mine!

After a yummy meal and dessert and coffee, the girls and I headed back to our house for my final night as a single lady! We had a few more things to finish up and take care of, but we made sure not to stay up too late. I needed plenty of beauty rest, and we had an early day coming the next morning! And now that means the next wedding update, will finally be of the actual wedding! About time, right? Only six and a half months later, but who's counting?! Happy Wednesday ladies!
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P.S. - #sorryimnotsorry about the giant picture dump... hope you're not sorry either ;)


Happy Herron said...

I love the pictures! And I love your shoes!

itbritt said...

Awwww, I love the photo dump.
Looks like you had a wonderful wedding rehearsal night.

I love wedding recaps, there is something so sweet about them.

Miranda said...

What a cool idea for the rehearsal dinner!

Hallie Oceanside said...

such a cute rehearsal dinner! I love all the pictures!