Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend in Atlanta

Hey there Monday, it's not so nice to see you again, but I guess I have no choice, so I'm not going to complain too much... Let's just do the typical blogger thing, and write us out a good ole weekend recap, shall we? Yes, let's do just that...

Friday after work we made our way up to Atlanta, to spend the weekend there for a wedding. We found this super random spot in Cordele, GA to eat dinner, and it was so yummy. Carter's Fried Chicken & Hamburgers has been around for years and years, and has quite the reputation. It's just a tiny little hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but the chicken sandwiches were sooo good!

Saturday morning, Jeff's best friend (who was his best man) picked us up, and we returned to a spot we found the last time we were up there, and had a super delicious brunch at Folk Art Restaurant. I got a build-your-own-omelette with caramelized onions, mushrooms, turkey sausage and cheddar cheese, with a side of grits (with corn in them - yum!), wheat toast, and their own house-made peach jam. Holy so delicious you guys. I want all of that to magically appear in front of me right now again, because it was so good and I'm hungry right now! This tiny yogurt just isn't cutting it...

We ran a couple of errands (had to buy new black shoes for the hubs) and then headed back to the house we were staying at for some rest time and some HGTV shows :) I took a tiny nap, and then it was time to start getting ready for the wedding. Some friends of theirs came to meet at the house, and there ended up being six of us, so we called an "Uber" instead of a cab. It's a much nicer car, and it costs less than a cab sometimes. An Escalade picked us up, and we made it to the gorgeous venue in just about 10 minutes.

The venue was gorgeous, and so was the ceremony. The bride Ellen was of course gorgeous, and their sweet vows made me tear up.

The reception was yummy salad and rolls, followed by your entree choice. I chose the vegetarian pasta option, and it ended up being Gorgonzola cheese ravioli - holy yummy. But of course I also taste-tested Jeff's choice of chicken and beef, and that was really good too. Very good wedding food :) After quite a few sweet speeches from lots of family members, they had a cool photo booth, and a fun DJ for some awesome dancing. I wasn't feeling very good though, so we got a cab back to the house kind of early, and caught some more HGTV before heading to bed.

Sunday morning we got packed up and headed out rather early, and grabbed coffee and croissants at a local spot before hitting the road. We took our time on the drive home, and just enjoyed some back country roads of Georgia. Jeff's dad was nice enough to let us borrow his convertible VW bug for the trip, so we had the top down on the ride home, just loving the wind and the sunshine! Although, Jeff did get a little sunburned since we didn't have any sunscreen, but it was still so nice!

We made it back in time to meet my family for Mother's Day dinner at Outback, and we all had so much fun together! There were lots of silly stories shared, and lots of laughs had by all. We had a great time being together, and I'm glad it worked out that way. Afterwards, we headed over to Jeff's parents house to pick up Primrose, and spend some Mother's Day time with them too!

All-in-all, it was another good weekend, and we were glad for a couple days off work, spent with friends and family who we love so much! Here's hoping the week isn't too awful, and it goes quickly, because we've got exciting plans to go kayaking this Saturday!
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Brianne said...

Her dress is gorgeous! I haven't been to Atlanta in...holy crap 6 years!...I'd love to go back.