Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Planning For Our Save-the-Dates

Literally just popping in really quick to say wedding planning is sometimes lots of fun, and sometimes lots of work. I mean, I guess some parts can definitely be both, but last night we dealt with some serious work and stress. We set up an email account with Outlook.com the other day specifically for use concerning wedding stuff. Last night we spent hourrrrrrrsssss adding in all of our contacts and stuff from our guest list, and that was not an easy task.

It's basically all set up and ready now, which is a huge relief, and now we can get on to the fun part tonight hopefully! Because we're sending out our save-the-dates through emails! So I'm excited to get those sent out and start spreading the word. Once all of our save-the-dates get sent out to our guests, I'll share that, and some more of our engagement pictures that I've been hoarding for like three months! So look out for those sometime in the near future :)

Also, can I just point out that there's no "appropriate" way to abbreviate or shorten save-the-dates.... I mean, the abbreviation for it is STD's. Uh-uh. That one's not gonna work as the file name for our picture! And then trying to shorten it, all I could come up with was "saves" or "savesies," and neither of those really make any sense anyways. Soooo, let me know if y'all come up with something clever, that's easier than writing or spelling it out every time. I'd appreciate that.

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!

Much Love,


Miranda said...

STDs...I just laughed out loud.

Ricci said...

STD's...HA! Can't wait to see them and hear more about your wedding planning!!!! How exciting!!

Angie Bean said...

I totally called them STD's to Mark one day and he was like "whaaaa??" How about just called them the actual date name? Ours would be 2.22.14.jpg :)