Monday, April 7, 2014

First Cookout of the Season

First and foremost, let's all take a look at how cute my blog is now!? My blog-friend turned real-life friend Angie just re-did her header, and she was nice enough to share all her secrets with me on how to do it too. Then I just ran with it from there, and went to town designing all sorts of stuff - i.e. about me blurb, profile photo, sidebar headers, post signature, and matching button. Things aren't perfect yet (for instance, that grab button box thingy is driving me nuts, and I can't figure that out...), but it's adorable and I love it so far. And I love that I've been figuring it all out on my own!

Not too many exciting things happened this weekend, other than my new blog design of course, however, we'll do a quick run through anyways... Friday night we stayed in, ate pizza and watched "The Wolf of Wall Street" from RedBox. And we didn't like the movie all that much... not really my taste or my style, but we saw it through the entire three hours, because I'm a finisher, and I couldn't just stop without knowing the ending.

Saturday was full of errands, I'm talking, like eight or nine stops. We wrote our list out of places we needed to go to, then we put it in numerical order so we could be make the most efficient travel time. Saturday night we have some BBQ pork from the crock pot with a southwest salad, and watched "American Hustle." We felt this one was just kind of mediocre as well, but stuck it through and really the last thirty or so minutes were the best of the movie. 

Sunday however... Sunday was the first cookout of the spring/summer season! Every Sunday night since we've been married, I made us soup for dinner, and we nicknamed it Souper Sunday. Well we decided that for the next few months, we wanted to do Sizzlin' Sunday, and Jeff would grill out every week. Yummy right?! So last night was the first installment, and it didn't disappoint.

First of all, I used a super cute little bicycle basket from our wedding decor to transport all the fixin's from the kitchen to the back deck, and it worked perfectly!

Jeff did a great job grilling us each a turkey burger, a chicken hot dog, and some asparagus for our dinner! He also did a little bit of onion for each of our burgers as well. And it was all so freaking yummy!

We loved our first Sizzlin' Sunday, and are so excited to continue the tradition each week for the next few months! Right now, we don't have a table and chairs for our deck, but Jeff's mom said we can have theirs! So excited about that. We just have to make some time to go pick it up from them sometime. But in the mean time, our little TV trays did the job just fine for the night ;)

Of course there were a few other things that happened the rest of the weekend that I'm leaving out, but they're just rather boring and not too important, so we'll just glaze over those details this week, and mainly just highlight our first cookout of the season. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Oh, and I almost forgot to include a picture of my super cute doggie girl, Primrose :) How could I forget this sweet little girl?!

P.S. - This is my 450th blog post! Whoa baby, that's a lot of bloggin' folks. Here's to the next 450!


Miranda said...

Love the new design! :) And Sizzling Sundays sound delicious.

Nicole McKenzie said...

Very cute design! And you were right about Jeff's hair getting pretty long! Haha. And congrats on your post script. ;)

Mississippi Mrs. said...

I'm jealous of these designing abiities!~

Angie Herron said...

Hahaha I love that "because I'm a finisher!" So using that line. And YUM my mouth is watering at that delicious dinner!

After Eleven Blog said...

yay for the first cook out! We had ours a few weeks back when someone blessed Josh and I with a new grill....we can't get enough of grilling! lol

Brianne said...

That food looks so delicious. I love that you have themed meals on Sundays.

Brianne said...

That food looks so delicious. I love that you have themed meals on Sundays.

Hallie Oceanside said...

Yes, outside grilling is hands down THEE best, especially when really good food, and cute puppies are involved:)