Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pretty Jewelry & Magazines - First Things First

Hello again loves! Today is of course another Tuesday, and that of course means another round of First Things First. I'm still having sooo much fun with this link up, and I'm loving the new girls that join in and link up each week! And I'm also really loving having awesome new co-hosts every week, and this week is of course no exception. (Did I really just say "of course" three separate times in just three sentences? That was redundant and unnecessary. Oh well. You can't expect me to be a perfect blogger all the time, right? Hahaha)

This week my fun new co-hosts are Carrie @ The Carrie Gland and Allie @ Tales of a Twenty Something!

And this week, the 'first' topics we're talking about are:

First magazine subscription
First real piece of jewelry you owned
First time staying home alone

First magazine subscription:
Um, I'm not sure I remember exactly, but I think back in the day I used to have a subscription to Highlights. Please tell me y'all remember that one?! I'm sure it's still in every pediatrician's office in America. It always was when I was little at least! I remember reading about animals and other countries and 'travel' (because what 8-yr-old is really out travelling?), and lord knows what else. But mostly I was in it for the hidden object challenges! 

And then in my early teen years, I was able to make the move up to Seventeen Magazine! And let me tell you - I thought I was the cat's pajamas when I started getting this one, even though I was only thirteen! (I think I was under the impression you had to actually be seventeen...) And I'm guessing it was filled with things that teenage girls deem all-important, such as shoes, make-up, clothes, boys, boys and more boys.

First real piece of jewelry you owned:
Well I used to have lots of lockets, necklaces and stuff from my early high school years. And I also remember receiving a few real-ish rings for Christmas when I was younger too. But, I'm not really sure how 'real' any of those were, and plus, I don't have any of it anymore. So if it would have been completely real, I probably would have kept up with it better.

So, I'm gonna go with the ring my parents bought my for my 18th birthday present! I actually knew I was getting it,  because they had let me go to the store to try some on and pick out a few of my favorites. I didn't know I was getting this exact one, but knew I was getting one in general. So when I opened this one, I was in loooove with it! And really, I still am! I have worn it every day since they gave it to me, which means I've been wearing it for seven years! (Well, except for two weeks a couple of summers ago, when the pink heart had to be put back in and get everything tightened.) I personally think it's so very pretty, and I still get so many compliments on it actually :)

I still wear it every day, although now it's on my right hand, obviously!!
First time I stayed home alone:
I don't think I really remember this one either! I remember having a couple of babysitters when I was younger. One of them was our old pastor's daughter, one of them was another high school girl from the church... and a lot of times we would just go stay at our Grandparents' house. But I think I was probably 13 or so the first time I was allowed to stay home alone. But apparently it didn't make such a huge impact on me, because I can't really remember one specific instance! 

I do remember though the first summer I was allowed to stay home and not go to camp every day was after my 7th grade year. I had made the cheerleading squad, and we had a lot of practices, so I would go to practice in the morning, and get to stay home by myself all afternoon! Thinking back now, I have NOOO idea what I did every day all summer long. I mean I'm sure I hung out with friends some of those days, but still, what did I do with the rest of my time?! Silly teenagers...

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Carrie Land said...

Hey, we had the same first magazine! Just thinking about Highlights makes me want to find and read one for old time's sake.

Thanks for letting me co-host this week! Hope you have a great day. :)

Bekah @ re·solve said...

Ha! I guess I'm not answering these since I can only remember the answer to one of them! Man I'm old!

Jessica @ City Sequins said...

Your ring is so pretty!!! Seventeen magazine was one of my first too...I def thought I was the coolest when I started getting it :)

Robin said...

I also read Seventeen when I was about thirteen! I was convinced that all of the high school senior girls were reading it, and I could be "cool" by copying stuff from the magazine.

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

I wanna do a hidden object search like right now. Love the ring, it's so pretty :) Thanks for letting me co-host Mrs. Jeff!

Kate said...

I totally got "Highlights" too! And that Kids Zoo magazine...did you get that one? The dolphin edition was always the best! :)

Mionna H. said...

I LOVED Highlights! I would read that magazine every time I visited my dentist!

Amber said...

Oh gosh! I forgot about Highlights! My fave was Seventeen mag too. I felt sooo cool when my mom let me subscribe ;)

Heather said...

Gorgeous ring! *oohs and ahhhs* Pretty sure we all thought you had to be Seventeen too and why it was so awesome to have at a young age! Thanks for the linkup!