Friday, March 1, 2013

Pinwheels & a Polar Watch

Dear March: You kinda came out of nowhere there, didn't ya? As long ago as January seems now, it also feels like February really just started, and then you came along and just bumped that out of the way. But now I've got a cute new printout calendar for my desk at work, with happy little pinwheels to stare at me for the next 31 days.

Dear Polar Watch: I just ordered you last night, and even though I selected free 5-8 day shipping, I'm ready for you to be here now! Not that I can actually workout or anything right now because I feel like death, but I just want to check you out! I can't wait to see how you track my calories burned and my heart rate and other fancy, exercise-y stuff's. I'm gettin' legit about my workouts people...just watch out!

Dear Sickness: You must have no idea how tired of you I am. And now I'm just getting mad. Because it feels like I'm only getting worse every day instead of better! And that's unacceptable. My nose is snottier and my cough is nastier, my voice is sounding super manly and my head feels like it could explode at any second. (Sorry friends - TMI?!) At least I'm making sure I'm getting plenty of liquids  If I could, I would kick you in the back, pull your legs out of from under you, and then casually walk on top of you -- just to show you who's boss. It's time for you to go. End. Of. Story.

Emergen-C, hot tea, and 18 oz. of water. This happens twice a day at work...
Dear Anytime Fitness: Thanks for sending me that free, 14-day pass to try out your gym. I was actually pretty pumped about that. But then this illness of death came over me, and it's already been like 5 days into my pass. Think you would let me push it back a little bit? Can you please make an exception for me?

Dear Beans: It has been fun hanging out with you this week while your Mama was on a work trip! I hope you had a great 5th birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese's the other night! And thank you for being so awesome and perfect last night. Jeff and I loved taking you out to eat, and then you were so stinking cute 'helping' Jeff drive the cart at Walmart :)

Dear Weekend: Even though I need to rest, there's kind of a lot happening: tomorrow is Beans' birthday party, I want to go buy myself a wedding folder/planner thingy and start doing a little more planning, and I need to repaint my nails... Then my cousin has his Eagle Scout ceremony thingy-ma-jig on Sunday night. And of course there's regular church schedule Sunday morning. And I need to pick up some cosmetic stuff as well too sometime. As long as I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow, that should make me happy. So listen up neighborhood (and my sister's dog) -- keep it quiet in the morning please!!

I hope all you lovely blog friends of mine have a great weekend. And I sincerely hope none of you are sick right now! But if you are, I hope your recovery is faster than mine. (However, I think I just discovered it might be a sinus infection rather than just an ordinary cold, so I'm about to call the doctor...) Happy Friday to y'all, and happy weekend too!


Jennifer said...

I can't believe it's March either!!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Kate said...

Aw, I'm sorry you're still sick! I hope that Emergen-C does its job. I trust completely in that stuff. Fun fact: Pete proposed to me with a box of Emergen-C. He doesn't plan ahead nearly as much as Jeff. :)

Allison said...

So sorry you are are sick...I hope you start feeling better soon!

Ms POSH said...

Very cool.

Stopping by from the Friday Hop to say hello.
Have a great weekend!

Laurie Hoffman said...

You have to tell me all about the Polar watch! I've been lusting after one for awhile :) Hope you feel better soon!

Syndal said...

I just ordered that same polar watch from amazon and it only took 2 days!

SH said...

I just got over a terrible sickness - hope you feel better soon!

The Hartungs Blog

Honeybee Gabriel said...

Get well soon. I'm following you now to read more from you.