Monday, March 25, 2013

Ponytails, Popcorn, Presents & Puddles

This Monday morning in Florida is unnecessarily cold, and that doesn't really make me too happy, but at least it's not raining! It rained a LOT here over the past couple of days. There are still places with giant puddles of standing water everywhere this morning. Ready for a couple of dry days now! But even though it was raining, that didn't stop me from having a good weekend!

Friday after work, I picked up my Mama from her office (we only work 3 blocks down on the same street), and we headed to Florida State's campus for the baseball game! But first, I ran 2 miles all around the campus for my workout for the day. I didn't set any records for myself or anything, but it was still a good run for me.

Then after my run, I changed  back into jeans and my favorite Garnet and Gold t-shirt, and went into the game to meet my parents! It's difficult to eat "healthy" at the ball park, so honestly I just didn't really try... I did decide to split a burger with my mom, rather than eat the whole thing though. And that Bacon & Bleu Burger was sooo good. I spotted my friends Lacey and Josh there, so I went and hung with them and chatted for a bit! Then after the game, Mama and I went shopping at Ross, and she bought a new dress! Then we all went home, and watched a couple episodes of "The Walking Dead" while enjoying some popcorn with tamed jalapenos. Yummy snack.

 Saturday morning, my Papa and I woke up early, and went down to my old high school to run on the track. He's been walking a lot lately, like 10-12 miles a week sometimes, but not running. But I got him to actually run with me, and he did great! We even sprinted the last straight on the track, and he beat me big time. But his 6-foot-1-inch self has much longer legs than my 5-foot self, so that's hardly fair... :)

And then we had a beautiful wedding shower for my baby sister!! Seven lovely ladies from our church, along with one of the other bridesmaids, threw a lovely shower at the church, and they did an excellent job! It was decorated so nicely, and she seriously racked up in the awesome present department. And some super nice ladies came to visit and we had a good time catching up with old friends from our former church, and of course spending time with everyone!

After the shower, we took Megan's wedding dress to be fitted for alterations, and then headed to her new house to unload all of the goodies! And we took the time to unpack everything into her cabinets as well and help organize some stuff. They actually just closed on their very own house just the week before, so this was my first time seeing it! But it's super cute, and I'm officially super jealous. And also, it feels toooo much like my little baby sister is all grown up on me. It's a very weird feeling, and I'm not sure if I like it.

On the porch of her cute new house. And she planted that little garden herself already :)

Then Mama and I went to do some more shopping, and I got a new Easter dress. And then it was dinner time, so we met my Papa and Megan and Bo to eat. I was naughty and ate buffalo wings with bleu cheese, but I paid for it later and learned I actually can't eat the way I used to. It was definitely the hard way to learn that lesson, but I don't think I'll be trying that again anytime soon... And then later that night, Jeff and his family finally got home from their overnight trip, and so I went over and spent the rest of the night watching "Fringe" with my sweet fiance!

Sunday morning, we were awakened early in the morning by some crazy rain, wind and a giant storm - and also no electricity. Which made getting dressed for church a bit tricky. And my sister and I ended up dressing verrrry similar - simple cotton dress, white cami underneath, ponytail, white watch, sandals, and quilted floral purse. (Normally we wear the purse on the same side too, she just switched it because it was in the way for the picture.) So of course we had to document ourselves :)

After church and lunch, I went over to Jeff's house. We spent a good chunk of time cleaning, straightening and organizing his crazy room, and it made me feel soo much better to get things looking more neat and orderly in there :) Then we watched a couple episodes of Fringe to relax, then joined in the Life Group Bible study that was being held at his house. We all fellowship-ed and ate dinner together, and then Jeff and I returned for me to paint my fingers and toes, and watch some more Fringe! We're on the final season now, with only two episodes left, and I'm sad and don't really want it to end... But earlier in the afternoon, Megan and Bo sent texts to our whole family saying "This is our new couch!" So they just made a big furniture purchase for their cute new house! (They also got a regular-sized couch to go along with the love seat below as well.)

Phew. That was a lot of stuff to share from the weekend! And no doubt I did some rambling, just like always, but hopefully y'all don't mind that too much! :) It was a slightly busy weekend, but it was the good kind, and I had a great time with my family and with Jeff. And I also got to do some relaxing and TV-watching as well. I like weekends like this. And even though it's double crazy-crazy to see my baby sister growing up so fast on me, I'm still so dang excited for her and this next part of her little life! Love you Little Seester :)

How were y'all's weekends? Was it crazy stormy where you live too? What fun things did you do this weekend?!

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Robin said...

I think it's good to do some running/walking just for the heck of it. I try to think of this as a development of a healthy lifestyle and habits, not just a weight loss attempt.

You had a very fun weekend! Your sister's garden looks great.

Madalyn said...

It's great that you got out this weekend! I tried to, but it was WAY to cold where I am in central Pennsylvania.

Seeing your little sister get ready for her big day brings tears to my eyes. I cannot believe how quickly time passes. My sister is 11 years younger than me, in 7th grade, and I know that tomorrow she will be driving, then going to college, then getting married. Ugh.

The weekend was packed with chores and laying around with my husband. We got out for a hike yesterday, after I lifted at the gym.

Have a great Monday!

Stephanie + Walter said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!! We just got like 10 inches of snow in big deal lol

Kate said...

Crazy! We lucked out in the weather department, I guess! Sounds like you had a great (and active) weekend, regardless!

Carrie Land said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! It was pretty stormy here, too but I found some fun indoors.

Andrea H. said...

I love the blue and white stripe dress. You look fabulous :) Sounds like a lot of wedding fun for your family! How close will your sister be getting married to when you will be getting married? I bet it is fun being at the same stage together!!

Erin said...

Keep on rockin' those workouts girl! I'm gonna have to run on the treadmill after work tonight because there is SNOW here in Ohio, yuck!

So much fun wedding stuff going on :) Looks like a fun shower!!

Kathy said...

oh, how i wish it was warm enough for me to run outside! i'm in toronto canada and it's a balmy 3C right now.

Dara said...

congrats to your sister! i watched fringe the whole time it was on even though I didn't like it the whole time. a lot of the time i was so confused by it!

Esme said...

I envy that you were able to get your run on this weekend. KC was hit with snow so my running shoes haven't seen outside since Thursday :(. Love your watch btw.

Congrats to your baby sis on her engagement!

Becky said...

Sounds like you got some good runs in!! Can you send some of the warm florida weather to virginia - I wanna run outside haha. Glad to hear it was a good weekend!! :)

Angela said...

That photo of Doak Campbell is glorious! Wish I could run around the campus still :) Have a great week!