Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Day Recap - Decor & Cakes

So I actually meant to do this post yesterday, but some laziness happened, and I just never got around to the whole blog thing. But that's a-ok, because today is "Wedding Wednesday" anyways, so it fits perfect, even if I'm not even getting to it until almost 6pm, after work and everything... 

This is the last of the posts that I had pre-setup with all the pictures and stuff, so that means this weekend I need to throw a few more together to share family pictures, and then some of the actual wedding ceremony and reception. And then maybe eventually we can scoot past the wedding stuff, and move on to the honeymoon in Cancun!

This bike was my mom's old Huffy cruiser, from like the 80's or 90's or something. I used to ride it all around St. Augustine during college, but it was like bubblegum pink. And I liked it then, but we decided to fix it up and use it as decor for our bike-themed wedding! We sanded it (a lot!), the spray painted it this awesome turquoise color. It got new tires, a new chain, and new handle grips - and it looks so stinking cute now! It was perfect :)

We got our cake made at Publix, but my florist did the beautiful cascade of flowers. And it was perfect! It turned out exactly how we wanted it, and I thought it was just gorgeous. And it was of course delicious! It was vanilla cake, and the top & bottom tiers had a layer of raspberry filling. The icing was a subtle lemon flavor, and it just tasted so fresh and fruity! I made that little pennant banner, and we ordered the bicycle topper from this shop on Etsy.

Jeff's groom's cake also came from Publix, and they did a great job bringing his vision to life as well. It was perfect for him - bikes, Lego's and superhero's! He absolutely loved it. Oh, and this cake was yummy too.

We collected a variety of jars over the months before, and bought a big bunch of flowers from Hobby Lobby to make the reception decor ourselves. We filled the jars with white sand (bought from Lowes), and then arranged the flowers in each jar/vase.

We also collected and bought old, vintage books over the summer, and used stacks of books and our jars of flowers as the centerpieces for the reception tables. Oh, and we made "naked" books by ripping the cover off a paperback, then tearing all the pages off the binding. Then you simply tie the pages back up, and it looks really stinking cute!

For our wedding favors, we stuffed little take-out style boxes with bags of one marshmallow, two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, and a match, for a take-home-s'mores kit! We also hand-stamped each box with a little bicycle stamp, and tied on cute little tags that said, "Sending You S'more Love." And yes, we got the idea from Pinterest :)

That beautiful photo-book from Shutterfly was our guest book, full of photos from our whole relationship!
 There were six of these giant windows in our reception room, and we made six of these yarn tassel garlands, one for each window. We did it using a super easy project from one of my favorites, Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals! And we liked them so much, we kept them to hang up in our house after the wedding :)

I wrote our ceremony out on a this giant chalk board, rather than printing up programs no one would read or care about. It saved us money, and it was good for the trees! :) I started out using a regular piece of chalk, but that really wasn't cutting it, so my bridesmaid Jenni and I flew to Michael's 10 minutes before closing in order to grab some chalk markers. And they worked like a dream. I did all the writing, and then Jenni did all the cute little embellishments around the borders. 

We kept things cute and simple, and it ended up looking so great. I loved every little bit of it, and all of our homemade projects were so sweet and personal. I just loved it all!
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Brianne said...

I love your decor! It's simple, elegant, & so colorful!

Mississippi Mrs. said...

Oh, looooove how you hung the signs on the bike. Too cute!

Cherin Benoit said...

I really like the idea of using a bike as a prop. Very cute

Syndal said...

oh my gosh I loooove everything! and your cake was gorgeous!!

Syndal said...
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