Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springtime List

Happy first day of spring ladies! Isn't that an exciting thing to hear? Well, for me it is anyways. Because down here in Florida, it actually does feel like spring, even when a lot of the country is still suffering from this past winter's crazy attitude. Sorry to those that applies to - feel free to move down to Florida and enjoy our loveliness!

Spring in Florida doesn't really last too long, because by mid-April, we're practically already experiencing some full-blown summer temperatures. But nonetheless, I want to make sure we take full advantage of these next few weeks while the weather is practically perfect in every way (we watched 'Mary Poppins' the other night...) and really make the most of spring time. So today I'm doing a copy-cat post from one of my favorite blog-friends, Miss Erin at Love, Fun and Football, and sharing a spring bucket list!

1. Finish hanging pictures and cute things around the house. After more than five months of marriage, just this week we finally started hanging things, and I want to get that finished! And I'll probably swing by the good ole' Hobby Lobby to grab a couple more items this weekend, because I got an email this morning that home accents are 50% off this week. Score!

2. Spring cleaning, of course! This past weekend I got a little start on it, but there's still a lot more to accomplish... The BIG one we want to tackle is our spare bedroom, because right now it's a disastrous dump zone for anything and everything. And it's a nightmare for my OCD self, so it's got to go. Immediately, if not before.

3. Go to some concerts at the new amphitheatre that just opened by our house! Actually, I won't have to try too hard for this one, because I've already won tickets to the very first concert! Tracy Lawrence will be here on April 12th, and we get to go for free - awesome.

This is our new little amphitheatre, from the grand opening of the park last Friday night.

4. Have a picnic in the park date. There are tons of parks very close to us. Some within walking distance, some within biking distance, all within driving distance :) I can make us yummy sandwiches, pack some veggies and ranch dip, with some sweet treats as well. We can throw a blanket in the car, and just enjoy the great outdoors!

5. Attend at least one weekend afternoon FSU baseball game. The tickets are only like $8 a person, and we get to sit in the sun, eat a hot dog, and watch some baseball? Sounds like a good deal to me!

6. Eat out at a restaurant we've never tried before. Even though Tallahassee sometimes feels like a small town, there are still tons of restaurants all over the place, and new ones popping up all the time. I'd love to start trying new ones more frequently, so let's start this spring!

7. Go camping again. Back in the fall we bought a big tent with some of our wedding gift cards, but we've only used it once! We went camping back in November, but then haven't been since then. And I really want to go again. So we need to pick a good weekend, and head to a local state park for some quality time enjoying nature and each other's company :)

8. Start exercising again regularly. I've been off my game ever since we got back from the honeymoon basically, and I really need to get it under control. I've definitely gained weight since the wedding, and that's GOT to go! Time to get active again, and what more perfect time to do it than in this beautiful spring weather?

9. Shop around for some patio furniture. We have a front porch and a side deck on our current house, so there's lots of space to hang out outside. Except there's nothing on our side deck right now. So I really want to find a cheap little patio set for out there! So I've started looking around on Craigslist and stuff. And even if it's in bad shape or something, we're both pretty crafty and I'm sure we could fix it up to look real nice.

10. Go to the flea market or some garage sales. This will actually help with a couple of our other things as well, like finding more cutesies for the walls, and maybe even some patio furniture. Plus, I just like browsing around and seeing what treasures I can find - especially when you can get things for so cheap! Also, I love adding to my book collection this way :)

Can't wait to get started on some of this stuff! It's going to be a good spring, I can tell already. I mean, it's our first spring as newlyweds, our first spring in our precious turquoise house, our first spring with little Miss Primrose, and just so much more! I'm really excited right now, and it's actually killing me to not be outdoors even as I write this! Ready to start enjoying this Florida springtime, and ready to get some things accomplished!

Sunny Love,


Miranda said...

Oooh...Tracy Lawrence! That's pretty cool! The new park is called Cascades Park, right? I need to check it out!

My friends and I recently decided that we are going to attempt one new restaurant a month. At first we couldn't think of anywhere, but once we started thinking we realized that there are tons of places in Tally that we haven't even been to!

Practically perfect in every way...the best way to describe Florida spring! I am so happy it's here!

Erin LFF said...

That new park is awesome- and yay for winning tickets!!! :) There a bunch of small, local events going on that I have written in my planner... we don't do enough of the cheap/free stuff and we need to! :)

Megan said...

Such a great list, Halie! I have been dyyyying for Spring. Only a few more weeks and maybe I'll get it? here's hoping :)

Brianne said...

Good luck with your bucket list!!