Monday, March 10, 2014

Returning From My Blog Hiatus!!

I'm back in the blog world again!!! Well technically, I've had to start all over again (almost) from scratch, but I'm still back! I'm back with a new title, which I'm loving so far, and I'm back with my desire to blog again. Things look pretty plain and simple around here for now, but hopefully soon I can get a customized blog design going on. I think my husband and I are going to attempt that ourselves, so we'll see how that goes! For now though, I'm just trying to get everything in order....

Here's the deal, back when I first signed up for Blogger it was in 2009 as part of a photojournalism class. We kept a blog, and "turned in" our assignments each week by posting them in a blog. So that's how this was originally born. Then I created Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots under that same account in 2010, and it flourished for a long while. I eventually got tired of the name and started trying to update... The issue here is that meanwhile, I got my first Gmail account with my new married new, and decided I wanted to combine and streamline all of my Google accounts.... But my blog was set up on an old account, and the only way I could accomplish getting it under my new Gmail address, was to export it from the old blog, and import it to this new one. So I was (thankfully!!) able to transfer all of my posts and photos (actually, I think it's still transferring as I'm writing this), but none of my old stats or followers were transferred...

So I'm back to zero page views total, and zero page views on any of the individual posts, and zero followers on BlogLovin' or via GFC. So I'm starting at the very beginning again, and I guess some would say that's a very good place to start. :) So anyways, if you're here because you've hopped over from PP&P, I'm seriously SO GLAD you've come to join me here! And if you're brand new to my blog for the first time, then Welcome, and I'm SO GLAD you're here too!

Things will continue to change and evolve here over the next few weeks until I can get everything functioning properly, so just bear with me for a while, will ya? In other words, this is my official "Please Pardon Our Dust While Renovating" sign.

In case you forgot though, you can find me being much more active over on Instagram, because honestly I have a slight obsession with IG... :)

I'm soooo looking forward to getting back in the swing of things here in blog land! Glad to be back!

Sunny Love,


Miranda said...

Yay! So glad to see you back! :)

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

It transferred over automatically on my Bloglovin. All of a sudden I saw a new blog name pop up on my bloglovin' friends list and I discovered it was you. I didn't have to go re-follow your new blog so maybe you will still keep some followers that way? Either way, so glad you're back!