Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to the Habits of Blogging

Good morning! It has honestly been so long since I've really blogged, I feel like I hardly even know where to begin....But alas, here I am this morning trying to figure out how to get back in the swing of blogging again. I'm trying to get back in to reading all of your blogs again as well too, because I wasn't even doing that for the longest time. I read a few last night as I "followed" them from this new blog, and realized how much I missed some of your lovely blogger faces! I'm excited to reconnect again and get back into this little world :)

I did a lot of "work" for the new blog last night, but mostly it's stuff on my side of things that you won't even notice. I got my settings all set the way I like them, and got the rest of my posts imported from the old blog and published here now. There is still a LOT to be done, and it will probably take me a while to get it all under control, but I'm steady working on it.

Question though -- I'm trying to get a BlogLovin' set up for this new blog, and I have NO IDEA how!? Anyone have any tips or instructions for that? I don't remember even the smallest thing about how I did it before...

I also have to figure out my commenting/reply-back business, because I think now that my Google+ account is associated with my Blogger, I'm one of those dreaded no-reply bloggers. And I definitely don't want to stay like that for too long! Tips or suggestions on this issue folks??

Also, now that I have a new blog, I freaking cannot WAIT to share lots of stuff from the wedding and honeymoon! I have 16 drafts currently just sitting there, waiting to be published full of pictures and luncheons and all sorts of lovely wedding-y things :) So once things are more in swing around here, I'll start publishing some of those!

That's really all I have for today, I just want to try to get myself back in the habit of writing and posting regularly. So cheerio for now lovelies ;)

Sunny Love,


Miranda said...

I'm not positive, but for some reason I feel like there is an option on Bloglovin to change your URL and blog name so you can still keep all of your followers. How to do it...I'm not exactly sure...but Google may be of use! ;)

I cannot wait to see wedding stuff!

Kayla White said...

Welcome back!!!!!

Erin LFF said...

I think you have to contact BlogLovin' directly to change url/transfer followers but I've heard they are pretty quick and helpful!

Lisa said...

So glad you are back!!!