Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for Friday: Week 2

Friday's are always the bestest. Everyone is just in a better mood, things seem a little more jolly since the weekend is so close, and there's only nine short hours of work to get through until you're free for a couple of days. (Minus one glorious lunch hour in the middle of the work day.)

I want to join in with Lauren again today and celebrate Friday with a couple of virtual high fives, and highlight some of my favorite things from this past week :)

1. Jeff and I started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class on Tuesday night, and we're both pretty excited about it. Wednesday night we sat down and did some of the homework, and we're both feeling ready to really accomplish some of our debt and get our budget under control! We can do this!

2. My sweet little Primrose, always ;)

3. Making my springtime bucket list for the next few months. There's lots of fun things on the list, and I'm looking forward to getting to do some of those things. I think my goal will be to do at least one of those things this weekend..... but which one should it be?!

4. The new Cascades Park down by our house is really pretty! I took Prim on a walk around the park yesterday to check it out more, and there's so many cool parts of it! The beautiful waterfall feature is just one of the cool things, but there's really so many more!

5. Instagram :) Seriously you guys, I love Instagram! I didn't do as many of the photo-a-day prompts this week (because some I didn't like, and some I just couldn't think of anything), but I still like to upload some random pictures anyways, so this is a mix of some of the photo-a-days from the week, and some "regular" IG photos.

Top L: "Letter" S is for springtime! // Top R: I just liked the light // Bottom L: yummy sammie // Bottom R: Cropped.

Tonight my aunt and uncle are having us all over to their house for a cookout, to welcome home my cousin on his spring break from seminary in New Orleans. So I'm really excited about a big yummy dinner with my family! We're a pretty crazy family, so I know we'll all have a good time together. Then tomorrow I'm looking forward to lunch and Hobby Lobby shopping with my mama :) 

Thrown in to the other bits of the weekend will be the usual house cleaning, and maybe some time spent in the sunshine as well - because time in the sunshine is always necessary at this time of the year. Hope y'all have a great weekend, and I'll be looking forward to reading the recaps on Monday! :)

Sunny Love,


Miranda said...

Dave Ramsey is what I have been using too! I'm taking the class at my church. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't excited about it to begin with...but he really does make so much sense, and his ideas WORK. It's so awesome.

Instagram really is great. The only downside is I sometimes get lost browsing and by the time I come out of the creeping zone I've wasted 30 minutes, ha ha.

Wendy said...

I love the Dave Ramsey FPU class! I took it years ago and then taught it for 3 years. He definitely makes sense and keeps it entertaining in the process. Enjoy!

Brianne said...

Good luck with the Dave Ramsey class! That park is so cute!

Erin LFF said...

YAY, Dave Ramsey!!! :) Hope you had a good weekend girly!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

Just wanted to tell you again that I am so glad you are back! Hope you, hubby and Primrose had a beautiful weekend! xoxo