Monday, March 17, 2014

Partly Sunny Weekend Recap

So remember how I used to name every single blog post with a P? Well you might not, but I did...but then it got too difficult, and I re-named my blog anyways. And now that I can start it with whatever letter I want to, it still ends up starting with a P... Old habits die hard, right?

Anywho, it's nasty and rainy here today in "The Sunshine State," and rained pretty much all day yesterday as well, but I'm not going to let that affect my mood! I have already decided I'm going to have a good day anyways, despite the eleventy billion inches of rain it seems like we've gotten....This past weekend was a good one though, and in true blogger fashion, I'm gonna tell y'all all about it, of course :)

Friday after work, Jeff and I came home from work to wash up some dishes, and straighten up the house a little bit before our friends Robert and Dabney came over. Then once they got there, we all walked about a quarter of a mile down the road to check out the grand opening of the new Cascades Park, thats right by our house! It's going to be a pretty cool park, because they have an amphitheater and they're going to have concerts and stuff there pretty frequently. They also have some pretty little ponds, with big water fountains and waterfalls in them, and it's just a neat place!

The tall building in the background is the State Capitol building!
After we wandered around checking out the park for a while, we walked over to a restaurant close-by for some dinner. We had yummy food and lots of laughs and fun conversations, and just had a good time! Then we went back to our house, and had planned to play some games, but some of us (Robert & Dabs...) started falling asleep in the big comfy chair...

That's Gus, and he's her big doggie :)
Saturday morning we went over to my in-laws house to help them clean out the garage, and take stuff over to their newly rented storage unit. Well luckily for us, it's big enough that we were able to store a few of our things in it as well, since we don't have much room in our tiny little turquoise house! So that was nice of them to share some space with us :) After dropping off a huge donation load at Goodwill, we went home to gather up stuff, and then we headed down to the coast for a day at the beach!

The sun was nice and warm, but it was only about 70 degrees and very windy, so it was actually a bit chilly. We stayed for a couple of hours though, and then met up with Robert and Dabney, and a group of their friends, at a super yummy BBQ place for dinner (Hamaknocker's) on our way back to town. We then quickly went back home to change clothes and grab Primrose, and then the three of us went over to Dabney's house for some more hang out time. We attempted to all play spades, but we didn't all know what we were doing, so that didn't last too long....

Sunday morning we accidentally overslept and missed going to church (oopsies!), so instead we got busy on some chores around the house. I washed dishes, cleaned out leftovers from the fridge, started laundry and cleaned up the side deck/porch all while Jeff mowed the lawn. Together we got a lot done in just a short amount of time, and the outside of the house looks so much nicer now. Then we got cleaned up and headed out on some errands. I was craving a sandwich for lunch, so we stopped at Jimmy John's, and that proved to be a delicious choice.

The Italian Night Club, on whole grain bread, with hot peppers added. So yummy!
We went to Costco and Walmart, and then by that time it was absolutely flooding. So we decided to hold off on grocery shopping, and went home to enjoy some "movie rest" time. We watched "Big Fish", which we've both seen before, but it was a good movie for the kind of chill mood we were in, and we both enjoyed seeing it again. I then ran to the grocery store real quick, and came home to make turkey chili and cornbread for dinner. Yummy!

And then we finally got around to hanging up some pictures and stuff on our walls at home! We've been married for a little over five months, and Jeff lived in the house for a month before that, but somehow we just never got around to hanging much. Well finally I got the bug, and it was all I wanted to do! And it looks really good now :) We aren't done, and still have lots more to hang up and decorate, but what we've done so far looks great! I'll have to do a little home tour for the blog over the next few months as we get things more settled.

Today is St. Patrick's Day (like y'all needed to be told, right?), and so to impress my half-Irish hubby, I'm going to attempt to make us an Irish meal tonight for dinner! So I found this recipe for Bangers & Mash, and we're both pretty excited to see how it turns out. I also got a thing of Irish Soda Bread from Winn Dixie yesterday to go with it. So it won't be a healthy meal, and it's definitely not our usual Meatless Monday, but hopefully it will still be really yummy!

Hope y'all had a good weekend, and that you have a good St. Patrick's Day today!

Sunny Love,

P.S. - Anyone know of any weekend recap link-up's that still happen? I used to do quite a few, but now I don't know that they exist anymore. I want to link-up!

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