Monday, October 22, 2012

Posh Spice, Pumpkin Patch & Pasta

Accidentally matched Jeff all day, without even knowing it...
Bought my first pair of cycling shorts (they have a padded booty!!) and they are amazing!
Went to the pumpkin patch with Jeff and took lots of pretty pictures, which I will share all of on another day
Then Jeff treated us to a nice dinner at Olive Garden, 'cause we had a gift card :)
We had salad & bread sticks, and shared an appetizer and the Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo pasta, which was amazing!!

Seriously - we did not purposefully plan to match each other. I promise, Scout's honor.

This is only my half of our meal - Jeff had his own plate this same size as well! Soo much food. Couldn't finish it.

Made breakfast casserole for me and my parents
Went to the Merry Market at my church with Mama and my Aunt (giant craft show)
Stopped by a few random garage sales, and got a cute little pitcher and "matching" salt shaker
Hung out at Jeff's for a bit getting our bikes all ready for our race that night
Split a 20-piece nugget from Mickey D's for some pre-race protein
Raced our second alley cat bike race, and had a blast!! (Rode just over 20 miles, which is my farthest distance!)
Shared a super giant burger with Jeff at Bird's Oyster Shack after the race, with a ton of hipster bike riders
Got home after midnight, showered the nastiness of the race off, and immediately crashed into my pillow

Us on bottom Left: right before the race. Us on bottom Right: after the race and a change of shirts...

Holy Huge Burger, Batman! We had no idea it was this huge when we ordered it...

Went to church and then brunch with my parents at Po'Boys
Rested all afternoon at home, playing with pictures and getting blog posts ready for a walk down memory lane...
Watched the first 4 episode's of "The Walking Dead" with my parents, trying to see what all the fuss was about...?
Hung out at Jeff's for just a little bit
Then we met some of my youth kids/friends for some bowling and dinner
Forgot my own socks so I borrowed some sweet ones from Jeff's Mama
Went bowling with The Spice Girls...
Ate at tiny kid's-sized burrito for dinner at Moe's, which was soo good
Had a nice looooooong chat in the parking lot with my friend Sara :)
Went home and crashed into my pillow again

These are some sweet socks, eh?

Can you match our poses to our Spices?!

Soooo -- all-in-all, it was a really great weekend. It was a good mix of fun times, a bit of exercise on the race, and some relaxing time too. Later this week (probably tomorrow) I will write a whole post just about our crazy bike race, because it was super awesome and definitely deserves it's own post. So be on the lookout for that if you want to hear about our Talloween Alley Cat Bike Race! (I'm not kidding, this thing was the jam...) Oh, and here are the nails I'm rockin' right now, although I had a hard time getting a decent looking picture of them...

The lines aren't perfect, but they still look pretty cool!

And I'm linking up today with Sami's Shenanigan's, Synfully Delicious, Covered in Grace and Glitter & Gloss!


Sar said...

Love the nails!

Thanks for linking up with TWI! -Sarah

Subliminally Smitten said...

That burger looks sooo so soo so good. I love your nails.

Jillian Nicole said...

your Friday and Saturday activities looked like fun. I have been seeing so many people doing pumpkin picking that I am envious. I wish I could experience that but we do not focus on pumpkin carving in Trinidad.
I do love the burger though.
I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Love those colors. Purple is my fave.

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

love the bowling names!
We went to the pumpkin patch too!
that burger? ohhh my gosh nummmy!

Kimberly H said...

Your nails are so cute! It looks like you had an awesome weekend :)

Brianne said...

All of the food looks amazing! Your nails are super cute too!

Kym Bozarth said...

All the food looks so good, that burger is one of the biggest I've ever seen! I found your blog through BBN btw.

Allie said...

Your nails rock!!! Congrats on the cycling!!! I like to run. :) ...and I notice a lot of consonance involving the letter "P" lol. I'm diggin it!!!

Katie said...

OMG one of my favorite things ever is accidently matching my hubby. He mostly rolls his eyes, but I know he secretly likes it. :)

Lauren Thomas said...

Hey girl! Can't wait to hear your story! My email is

Syndal said...

whaaat! those nails are fab!

Also- I Loooove that photo of you guys (all matchy matchy!)- definitely christmas card worthy! :)