Monday, October 1, 2012

Plum Polish, Pinterest Recipes & More!

Guys. It's OCTOBER! That kind of snuck up on us and came out of nowhere! Am I right?! At least I ended the month of September with a pretty great weekend. :) So here's a few of the things that made up my weekend.... although it seems like the only things I took pictures of was food, so that kind of stinks :( But I assure you - I did actually do more than just eat all weekend, even though that's exactly what it looks like I did...

Anyways, last Thursday, (even though that wasn't quite the weekend yet but I didn't blog about it last week...) I painted my nails, and this is absolutely my most favoritest mani I've given myself yet! I absolutely love the purple-y color, called Plum Seduction by Revlon. I actually just found this sitting on the bar in our dining room, and no one even knew who's it was! So I called dibs, obviously. And apparently this color is "all the rage" this fall, and everyone is all excited about this shade they're calling "ox blood." I'm more fashionable than I knew I guess... ;) But I also love the gray and the stripes (turned out way better than my first attempt at striping!). And just look at that little heart! It's so precious and I'm in love with it, and literally can't stop looking at it every ten minutes or so...

Then Friday night, Jeff's parents and Granny took us out to eat for dinner, and treated us to a fancy meal at Outback! They had a coupon for a free bloomin' onion, so of course we got that to share. Then for our meals, we did this awesome deal of a 4-course meal for only $15, and it truly was a great deal. I could NOT eat it all, and what a great price! I got a small cup of clam chowder with a wedge salad (this salad was so super amazingly delicious!) to start with. Then a 6 oz. steak with garlic mashed potatoes - that I scarfed up once again before remembering to take a picture, of course. And we got cheesecake to-go, with raspberry and chocolate sauces for topping - which I also forgot to photograph. It was all so yummy, and we had a nice time with them, and it was such a special treat!

Then after dinner, Jeff and I had planned on going bowling, but we were way too stuffed and didn't think we could stand, much less do the tiniest bit of "physical activity" at the bowling alley, so we just went back to his house and watched about six episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" instead! Such a funny show :)

So Saturday morning, we had to make up for our giant dinner from Friday night, so we went out to the St. Mark's Trail for a bike ride! We had planned on doing about 10 miles, but we decided while we were out there that we were going to push it a whole lot more. So we ended up riding 16.75 miles Saturday morning, and it felt great! (Click HERE to check it out on my RunKeeper profile.) It took us about an hour and 15 minutes, which was a pretty great pace. So close to my goal of "Ride the entire 16 mile trail at St. Mark's" by my birthday! So next time, we'll take two cars to park at both ends (because I'm quite sure I can't ride the whole thing there and back...), and I'll ride the whole trail from one end to the other! Then I'll get to mark through another goal :)

The Saturday afternoon we got some Chick-fil-A nuggets and chocolate milk for some protein recovery, and wandered around Target picking up a few things each of us needed. That afternoon I made THREE Pinterest recipes (although one was a definite fail) for our FSU football game watching party (which I will share the recipes for 2 of them later, maybe), and stayed home with my family watching the game in our Garnet & Gold. And we killed USF! We are now 5-0, and holding strong. Go Noles! :) Also, Saturday was my Mama's birthday, so we gave her presents and my sister made a cake, and we enjoyed celebrating another year of her life!

Cowboy Caviar. So yummy and relatively "healthy" as well, since it's mainly veggies!

Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes. Delish. I mean, it's just a mini pizza, so what's not to love?!

Then afterwards we met up with my friend Sara at a Mexican restaurant for her to eat dinner, but there was a birthday party or something happening, so we kind of got booted out. Luckily by the time the party started she was done eating, so then we hung out at her house for a while, just watching shows and laughing and having fun!

Sunday morning was a big celebration day at my church and we had a good time all together. We had one church service instead of two, and it was fun having everyone together. Then we had a giant dinner-on-the-grounds kind of event for lunch time, which was yummy and fun. My family sat with another family we've been friends with forever, The Clemen-fields (mixture of Clements & Whitfield), and we had so much fun together! Sunday afternoon I did some errands with Jeff, and came home to make dessert for my my Mama's big family birthday party out at my Grandparent's house. So this makes Pinterest recipe #4 for the weekend! These also turned out great, but I baked them a little too long, so next time I'll need to take them out of the oven earlier. Oh well! 

"Slutty Brownies" - sorry for the blurry picture...

Then we went back over to Sara's house, because she unexpectedly got a new dog yesterday (Fo' free!), so of course we had to go over and see her! She got a two-year-old pit bull/boxer mix, and she's the sweetest dog! She saved her from some idiots who were tired of her and going to hurt her, so it's a great situation for both her and the doggie!

So see, a great and fun and busy weekend to round off September, and welcome in October. Hopefully Florida weather will realize what month it is, and chill out with all this humidity and heat nonsense. I'm ready to enjoy the crisp, cooler weather again, but it's kind of difficult right now! Hope you're all having a good Monday, and a great start to your week, and your month!

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Brianne said...

OMG all of that food looks amazing. Props on the nails!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh...that was a weekend full of good food. You've made me hungry! :)

Visiting from TWI!


Renée said...

Oh wow, that accent nail is sooo adorable! I love it! Well done on the striping technique and the heart detail, gorge! I am offcially hungry after looking at all your foodie pics in this post haha :) Cute blog!


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Your nails look great!! And that brownie - yum!!!?
Thank you so much for linking up with Mani Monday!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

Sarah Evans said...

This looks like a fabulous weekend - full of all sorts of loveliness :)


Amanda said...

I made slutty brownies too and they are even better when the brownie batter is not quite done. SO eazy, sleezy and the bombeezy. Love all your recipe postings my friend!

Ameerah@Valiantly Varnished said...

You are TORTURING me with these pics of such yummy goodness!!