Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pasta: Greek Style

Last night my Grandparents took my parents and I out to dinner. We went to a nice place up in Thomasville, Georgia, The Plaza Restaurant, and all had a lovely dinner together. All four of them got fried chicken meals for dinner, but I was trying to find a "healthier" option, so I went with pasta instead of fried food... does that count as "healthier?" Whatever, I don't care - because it was amazing.

I got Greek Spaghetti (one of the two chefs there is actually Greek, so there are a good number of great Greek options on the menu) and I loved it. I definitely want to try to recreate it myself sometime. Although I will probably use bow tie noodles instead, because I just prefer "short" pasta's, rather than "long" ones... Anyways, it was just chicken, tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta cheese, tossed into the noodles with garlic and oil, and sprinkled with fresh herbs. Yummmmm. (But I didn't eat that bread, because it was not actually yummy at all...)

Romantic candlelight dinner - with my parents and grandparents... ;)

Dinner was yummy, but it was a good thing Jeff wasn't with us, because my breath was kickin' after that meal. Oh well, it was worth it to eat such deliciousness.

And I'm keeping this short today, and redirecting you guys over to my new friend Hallie's blog, because I'm guest posting for her today! Remember those pumpkin cupcakes I made a couple of weeks ago? Well I shared the recipe on her blog today, so go check it out! Click HERE to go visit my post on Hallie's blog :)

And here's a silly picture of myself from the car ride last night, just to entertain you guys a bit... ;)

Happy Hump Day! :)

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Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

Stopping by from the Creating Community link-up. That dish looks delicious!!