Friday, October 19, 2012

Poison & Wine

Hello for the second time today my friends! I'm just so pumped right now, I absolutely had to write a blog post about why... Even though I hardly ever do two posts in one day, but who cares...

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THE CIVIL WARS WILL BE PLAYING IN TALLAHASSEE!! They are seriously one of my favoritest bands, and I just love them so much. Their album has been listened to countless times since I got it last summer. I quickly played them for my boyfriend, and he instantly loved them too. I made copies for my Mama and sister. The Civil Wars were the ones that actually made me start liking Taylor Swift when they partnered with her for the special Hunger Games song. (And P.S. - I've totally jumped on the T-Swift bandwagon now since then...) And then they blessed us with two joyous Christmas songs as well.

So I got a bit excited when I saw them post a link to their upcoming tour dates to Facebook. At first, it looked like all European places. Then I saw some back here on our soil and felt relieved I hadn't totally missed it. So then, I sat there and thought, "How awesome would it be if they came here?!" But I totally didn't expect it, because little ol' Tally doesn't always attract the best concerts. So then I started getting a little excited when I saw they would be in Jacksonville, because I knew I could at least drive there pretty easily.

But then -- I about lept out of my chair when I saw their last Florida date was in my dear little town!!! And they're coming here just five days before my birthday! So I've already started petitioning the boyfriend for special birthday tickets :)

Who else is as excited about this as I am?! Anyone?!?

Oh, and listen to this song. It's one of their most popular ones, and definitely one of my very favorites of theirs. Although honestly, they are all so very good, it's hard to pick just one. OH! And they're working on a new album right now, and I'm so pumped about that coming out soon as well!!

January feels like light years away, and I'm not sure I can wait until then! But obviously I'll have to. So until then, I'll be anxiously awaiting concert day (because you bet your bottom dollar I'll be there even if I have to buy myself the ticket!), and listening to their current album on repeat!

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Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!