Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkin Cupcakes, Purple Flowers & a Pretzel Bagel

Here's a quick weekend recap (including a tiny bit from Thursday night as well), in list form since that's easier, followed by a ton of relevant pictures to my list as well as some not-so-relevant ones as well. Ready...GO!

+Went on another "run" around my neighborhood, and did pretty well
+Took some nature photos during the walking portions of my run
+Friday morning Mama treated me to Bruegger's bagels and coffee :)
+Went to dinner with the Pullen's Friday night, as Jeff's bro & fiance passed through town
+Went for a run and a bike ride with Jeff and my friend Sara Saturday morning
+Cleaned my room a TON, and boy does it make me feel better in there!
+Watched FSU kick Wake's booty
+Organized, stored and donated all my books and bookshelves
+Baked homemade pumpkin cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting. Yum.
+Went to Awaken Saturday night, followed by movie night at Sara's with friends
+Sang with the praise band Sunday morning at church
+Had delicious Mexican food for Sunday lunch with our group of friends
+Cleaned a little bit more of my room Sunday afternoon
+Had a kick-off dinner for the start of youth small groups
+And hung out at Sara's house again afterwards

Good times, great fun, exhausting activities. All-in-all a successful weekend. Wish I could do it again sooner than another five whole days from now. BUT - the good news is that this weekend is a trip to St. Augustine, and I'm thrilled about seeing those girls and such good friends over there! Yay! 

Now, here's some a ton of iPhone pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Bacon, egg & cheese on a pretzel bagel. Whoa baby that thing was tasty.

Tomorrow will be some pictures and stuff of my books/bookshelf extravaganza, because that's just too many more pictures to add to this already very long and picture-heavy post. And I love the organization I achieved with my books, and I'm proud to show it off. Maybe a little too proud for just a bookshelf, but I don't care...

Hope your Monday's have all been OK, and that your week is off to a good start! Happy Monday! And welcome to any of you who have stopped by from the Monday Meet Up!

Covered in Grace

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Alli from Life on LeRoy said...

Thanks so much for sharing a little peek into your life! Those cupcakes look amazing - for sure writing that one down ;) Thanks for linking up with us!! Come back every other Monday! Have a super rest of your week.