Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peasy Pinterest Recipe

I made a Pinterest recipe for my family! And it was so Easy Peasy. It's so great to actually use a few of the couple thousand pins on my boards. Yeah - I have almost 3,000 pins right now on my 36 boards. Slightly out of control? Maybe. Definitely necessary? Oh absolutely.

So I made Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas, with cheesy skillet corn and Spanish rice. And since I'm too lazy to copy down the whole fajita recipe again into this blog post, please visit the link I've included... :)

They turned out so amazingly good. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything (OK so maybe I am a little bit), but that stuff was delicious! I think it turned out exactly how I wanted it, except I made it non-spicy for my non-spicy-liking-family. If I could have added in some more spiciness, it would have been exceptional. Maybe next time I'll just sneak some red pepper flakes in there, just for fun. (Except my family reads this blog, so now they know the secret...)

The cheesy skillet corn however was a variation of my own from a recipe I found, so I will actually share that. Although it's super duper easy, so it's not exactly a "recipe," but more "guidelines."

Saute diced onions and diced yellow squash in some olive oil in a large skillet. Once the onions and squash start to brown and become more transparent, add in 2 cans of sweet, yellow corn, and half a can of diced (drained) tomatoes. Spice it all up with chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Once it's all hot, serve it up and sprinkle a healthy dose of shredded Mexican cheese on top! So yum.

And then I took the easy route with the Spanish rice, and made some out of the little baggies. I think the brand was Knorst? Anywho, it was BOGO at Publix, so obviously it was calling my name at just $1.49 for enough to feed my 4-fam, and still have leftovers. Score!

This was also one of the easiest meals ever to make, since you just dice up the peppers, onions & chicken and then throw it in a dish with some spices to bake. Easy Peasy. And then the same with the corn dish - some simple dicing, and then some simple stirring is all it takes to create a great tasting meal. I'd recommend this Pinterest recipe and my other side dishes for sure!

So if yall like Mexican inspired meals at home, try this stuff out, and then of course let me know how it goes!
Happy Fiesta Eating! :)


The Management said...

I really want everything in that last picture to magically appear in front of me on my desk.

everything looks great!

Allison said...

Yum! I have found so many good recipes on Pinterest, I love it!

Morgan said...

definitely bookmarking these!
all of it looks delicious!
and i love the name of your blog!


Rachel said...

I like "guidelines" as oppposed to recipes! And those fajitas look goon--except I would just eat around all the bell peppers since I'm weird and don't like them. We eat lots of Mexican food at home here (bet you're not surprised--seeing as my husband is an Angel) and I'm always looking for different variations on the standard tortillas with various types of meat and toppings.