Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here is a silly and random post that makes up the silly adventures of most of my silly life...

Today Jeff rode his bike into work, so I picked him up from his office for lunch. I had bought one of those fancy huge coupon books from one of my youth, so we used one of them at a little place called Tally's Grille in Market Square. We both got burgers on rye bread, which was so different and quite tasty. Then I also had seen some coupons in the book for this little French pastry shop somewhere in the same vicinity at Market Square.

Well, since macaroon's are all the rage these days among bloggers and non-bloggers alike, I've naturally been dying to try them out. I'd Google searched before, but didn't find anything in Tally, so was pumped when I saw Au Peche Mignon in my coupon book. So after lunch, we plug the address into my Google Maps app on my iPhone, and set out to find it. We drove around so slow looking everywhere, but didn't see it. So a couple of blocks away, on the other side of the "main" road, we pull into a parking lot and Jeff gave them a call.

And guess what you guys?! (This is the slightly embarrassing part...) The guy explains that it's about three or four doors down from the new Cuban restaurant. We said we knew where that was, because it had only been about four or five doors down from Tally's Grille. So we head back over there, and I was like "Hey, if it's only 3/4 doors from the Cuban place, that means it could only be 1/2 from Tally's!" Turns out, I was wrong.... As we drove back up, I'm like what the heck? It has a giant red awning and everything! How did we miss that? It was literally

Um hello?! How did we miss that? Turns out, when leaving lunch Jeff noticed the cute little tables and chairs outside the place and thought to himself, "Looks like a little French bistro or something." Well guess what boyfriend? You were right, only you didn't know that, and you didn't say it out loud, so I didn't even notice the place. So about five minutes wasted, and a random phone call in a parking lot later, we come back to the exact spot we had started.

Oh well. It was funny and provided lots of laughs and funny jokes during our dessert time. And see what I mean about my silly adventures now? Good thing I have a good great sense of humor and can not only freely laugh at myself, but blog it to the "world" as well! 

My coupon was for BOGO macaroon's - so we did just that. I got Hazelnut Kirsch (hazelnut layers, with cherry-flavored filling) and Jeff got Gateau L'Orange (chocolate layers, with orange cream filling). Both of us liked our tiny macaroon's and we also split a chocolate mousse eclaire. And holy crap that thing was delicious too.

So we definitely weren't healthy today, and I am A-OK with that :)

Notice Tally's in the background there?! hahaha ;)

And now looking at their website and menu, I can't wait to go back and try some more deliciousness. They have apparently been in that same spot for 20 years, which I was (obviously) very unaware of, but I'm glad I know now! It also reminded me so much of the adorable little shop from the movie "Chocolat," which is definitely one of my favorites. Go watch it if you like cutesy movies, and let me know you did :) Can't wait to visit this delicious and precious pâtisserie again!

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