Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Picking Out Thrifty Treasures

This past weekend I spent an amazing weekend of fun with my favorite girls. Check it out HERE if you missed the post yesterday :) And while I was there, we did the teensiest amount of garage sale thrifting. We wanted to do way more, but couldn't find anymore on the island before lunch-time. I always love thrifting and garage sales, but it's definitely way better and way more fun with lovely friends. So of course I wish we could have done more! Oh well, it just wet my appetite for more garage sale shopping in my future. Maybe this weekend if I'm lucky?!

Check out my finds...

This lamp was $7. And it actually does work. (Although I don't think I will ever use the actual light bulb in it, because that would be just tooo much, but I do want to find somewhere to put it that it will get some sunlight on it, because it looks beautiful in the natural sunlight!

Then these cute little coffee mugs and measuring cup jugs I got for a grand total of $1 - for all four things! So dadgum cute. And this will help me in my quest for a fun and unique coffee mug collection :)

And this wasn't thrifted, but it was cheap and cute, so I decided to share it anyways. It's from Earthbound, and it now lives on my bathroom counter top holding all of my rings. It was a whopping $4.95.

I love garage sales and yard sales and estate sales and flea markets (sometimes if they're not too disgusting), and I can't wait to go again sometime in the near future!


Megan said...

That little owl is so cute! I like thrifting, but haven't found anything good yet.

Wendy said...

Love that lamp! Beautiful!

Rachel said...

You definitely got some interesting finds, there! I love good deals--flea markets are definitely interesting...and sometimes a little scary. I'm usually glad that I go with Angel to those types of places! :P

Anna Hutcheson said...

I LOVE that owl dish!! I have little silver owl dishes for jewelry on my dresser!