Thursday, August 16, 2012

Praying This Daily

This is just  preview of what's still to come from my Global Leadership Summit conference post, but I wanted to share this one quick thing...

At the very end of the conference, all 160,000 participants around the globe signed cards as a commitment to pray a prayer daily, for the next 30 days. What an amazing thing that so many people, all over the world, are all praying the exact same thing every day?! It's really hard to imagine actually.

Here's the deal: The Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, up in Chicago, believes very strongly that,

"The local church is the hope of the world."

That's an incredibly bold statement, but I believe he's so very right. If local churches aren't the ones showing Jesus to the rest of this world, then who is going to do it? It's our job. Our mission. Our purpose in order to show the glory of God to a world that desperately needs him. 

We're all praying this every morning through September 10. But I'm pretty sure we'll continue to let this prayer guide our daily lives even after that. Here's the prayer, feel free to pray this with us as well.
"God, this is a new day. I freshly commit myself to the role you have invited me to play, as you are building your church in this world. I am awestruck again today that you include me in this grand life-giving, world-transforming endeavor. So today I joyfully offer you:
My Love, My Heart, My Talents, My Energy
My Creativity, My Faithfulness, My Resources
and My Gratitude
I commit all of myself to the role you have assigned me in the building of your church so that it may thrive in this world. And I will "bring it" today. I will bring my best. You deserve it. You church deserves it. It is the Hope of the World."
It's a big commitment, but it's one that is definitely worthy of our time and devotion. Think about it. Think about making this prayer part of your daily routine for 30 days, and see how your attitude and ideas change. Pray this daily prayer with us.

 The local church is the Hope of the World.

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