Monday, August 6, 2012

Pocketful of Sunshine

Remember all those things I was looking forward to from this past weekend? Well they certainly didn't disappoint, and I had an excellent couple of days. Here's my recap...

On Saturday, I went to St. George Island State Park with Jeff, his cute twins, his Mama, and his Granny. We packed a cooler full of yummy food, fruit, juice boxes and sodas, along with a bag of chips and snacks. We also brought a ton of beach "supplies" with us. I mean, check out our amazing umbrella paradise with all of our stuff's right there...!!

Then Saturday night was our Awaken service at church. Once again, it was a great service, and I am really starting to look forward to and love this time of simple worship with my faith family at Bradfordville. And look at the awesome "set" our student pastor Chad made using those pallets and candles! I love the way that looks, and think it would be excellent as wedding/reception decor! Right people? Right Meg? :)

After the service that night, my family plus my aunt, uncle and cousin went out to eat together. While we ate, we watched some of the Olympic events on the restaurant TV's, and generally just had a good time together. We're typically a loud bunch, but we always have fun and we definitely enjoy being all together.

Sunday morning was spent singing and worshiping at our early, contemporary service, followed by a huge crowd in my Sunday school class. It was a good morning at church. Then (almost all of) my Sunday school class went to lunch together at Newk's, which was so yummy. We had fun talking about random stuff and sharing our time together. Sunday afternoon I relaxed at my house with my family, while watching some Olympics and re-painting my fingers and toes. Right now they're both just plain orange, but I'm thinking about another nail art attempt on top of that if I get the time!

Then late Sunday afternoon, Jeff and the boys came to pick me up, and we surprised them by taking them to see "The Avenger's" at the cheap theater. They've asked about 24 gazillion times to go see the "real life Avengers" (they watch and love the animated version), so we finally gave in. And even though they're only 6 years old, they did a great job making it through a 2+ hour movie, and they loved it so much. It was so cute how excited they were to see it, and how they kept waiting for each of the characters to come on screen. At separate times, they both told me they wanted to see the movie again, before it was even over. They also said they were only scared one time, but also that they found four funny parts, which they were more than happy to tell you all about, and count out all four on their tiny fingers. They're so cute and funny :)

We then went back to my house to eat dinner with my whole family. It was so much fun to have all of us together and eating at one big table. We then went back to Jeff's house to get the boys into bed, and we each got some good cuddle time with some sweet little boys. Then Jeff and I had fun just sitting in the kitchen talking and being silly together. Our lives are usually very busy when the boys are are here, so it's good just to spend simple time with each other when we can :)

It was quite a good weekend, and I am so thankful for all these many blessings that God has granted me! I truly do have some wonderful people, friends and family in my life, and I love getting to spend quality time with them. Thank you Lord for blessings and weekends full of good things!

Also, the title of this post is in reference to one of my favorite singers (Natasha Bedingfield) and one of my favorite songs of hers - Pocketful of Sunshine

Much Love and happy Monday!

P.S. - I'm pretty excited about tomorrow's post already, so get ready for that! It has something to do with my birthday, even though it's a little less than six months away... :)

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Rachel said...

looks like a fun weekend! And the pallets with candles look really cool. I've never seen something like that.
By the way, the injury story you wrote on my blog was quite spectacular! Burns are pretty horrible--but the burned-in letter would make an interesting artifact for the story--after all the pain was gone, of course.
Your email shows up as "no-reply" when you comment--maybe that's your intention, but just in case, I thought I'd let you know. You can change your settings to allow your email to show when you comment on someone's blog and then they can email a reply directly back to you. If you want to do that!