Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing with Paint

Extreme Paint Night #4 was a success!! This happened last Wednesday, and was sooo much fun, just like it always is. If you'd like, you can check out another post from Paint Night 2010 HERE. And I thought I did a post from last year's event too, but now I can't find it, so I guess maybe not... :(

Anyways, this is the fourth or fifth time we've done this now (I actually can't remember anymore...), and it's absolutely one of my favorite events! Sure, it takes a LOT of set-up, and even more clean-up, but the couple of hours in between are a blast! Even if my fingers still hurt the next day from filling up over 150+ water paint balloons...

We played games like: slip-n-slide kickball, painty twister, marshmallow splat ball, the noodle game, water paint balloon squash, a couple more I can remember, and then just had an all-out paint war with a ton of water paint balloons, squishy balls, sponges and buckets of watery paint. Holy moly it's tons of fun!

I had a whole slew of pictures, and it was far too many to choose from for the blog. So I made one collage of all the kids and activities, and one for the set-up, so you get a little bit of an idea of some of what's involved :) Later on tonight I'll be posting all the pictures on my Facebook, so check those out later!

I sure do love our youth summer events. I sometimes stress out too much during the planning of them, but I am always both sad and relived once school starts and things get back to "normal" again. Our one last "summer" event is Rock the Universe in a few weeks, and I'm sooo stinking pumped for that!! I'll definitely write a post and include a TON of pictures from that weekend I'm quite sure.

Happy times and fun with paint, and much love to all :)


The Management said...

wow! this looks amazing! I would love to play with paint and be totally messy, haha.

Rachel said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! I love water fights and water balloon fights, but adding paint definitely makes it more exciting!