Friday, August 31, 2012


Alright - I'm practically Super Woman most of the time when making plans for myself and family/friends/boyfriend. But you know what's really strange this weekend? I. HAVE. NONE. Not one single concrete plan for this long weekend. (Except of course church on Sunday morning, duh.) And you know what else? It's pretty liberating! There are a few things that might fall into place, but I'm just kind of flying by the seat of my pants for everything for now.

For example: a friend of mine is trying to practice her photography, and asked if she could take my pictures. At first I wasn't sure about it (because let's be honest, I aint no model!), but I agreed anyways, because I decided I would really like some nice pictures of myself to use for my blog and such. (The front-facing camera of my iPhone can only do so much, if ya know what I'm saying...) So, if the weather isn't too horrible and rainy and gray, we will attempt to go out and take some semi-professional-looking pictures of myself this weekend! I know it's going to be fun, but I'm also a little nervous about it! We'll see how it all goes...

Another thing that might happen if we're lucky, would be to attend the FSU football game tomorrow night! One of Jeff's coworkers has 1 ticket for us, but we need to find one more extra ticket from someone in order for us both to go! So we'll be on the lookout for that, and maybe we'll get to attend the first game of the season tomorrow night! (If any of you lovelies have a ticket, I would be more than willing to take that off your hands for you!) ;)

I might also go for a run in the morning, or maybe browse around some garage sales and stuff if I feel up to it. And book store thrifting always makes me happy. Or maybe I'll go shopping because I need a new pair of shorts to wear for Rock the Universe next weekend. Then I'm sure there will be some time spent with friends and family, but I have no idea what! It's so strange, and yet so nice. There's a whole world of possibility out there for the next three days! (And yes, I realize I'm being a bit over-dramatic. But it's fun sometimes, so join me won't you?!)

Tonight will be spent with my sweet boyfriend for a relaxing night in watching "The Lorax" and probably eating something unhealthy that we probably shouldn't... and then the rest of the weekend is wide open, just waiting for me to fill it up with fun, adventure, photos, books, movies, church, beach, sunshine, probably some rain, and other lovely weekend-ing kinds of things.

Oh, and today is College Colors Day, so I'm sporting all sorts of my beloved Garnet & Gold. Headband, watch, earrings, t-shirt (even though it's technically out of dress code at work - I'm such a rebel), and of course fingernails. Bring on college football season please!!

Also, I am participating in a book swap with other bloggers, and today I mailed off my books to the state of Virginia to the lucky lady! At the end of September we are all posting pictures of our packages, the ones we received, and doing a book review. I took my pics in the park today (same as my pics above) and they turned out so good, and I'm so excited to show them off! Too bad it's still a whole month away! Oh well. Something to look forward to I guess - at least for me anyways :)

Happy Friday, and Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope everyone has a good, whether or not they have specific plans set into place or not! And Go Noles!


The Management said...

way to break the dress code for college colours. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Hallie said...

Go Noles:):)