Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ya know what I just realized? In a little less than six months (July 29th would have marked exactly six months away), I will be a quarter of a century old. Whoa! Twenty-five sounds so grown up and adult-like, don't you think? In honor of this upcoming momentous birthday occasion, I've created a "25-Before-25" list of all the things I'd like to accomplish before then.

Now I have just slightly under six months to cross off all of these things. I know I've made lots of lists of goals and stuff before (ONE, TWO and THREE), but I'm super duper serious about this one. I also tried really hard to make them completely feasible, so hopefully I can actually cross off all 25 things by January 29, 2013!

*I made this little photo banner below using PicMonkey, and I'm kind of loving it. I'll be re-using it whenever I blog my updates on the accomplishments of the list below. Yay for PicMonkey!*

1. Visit 10 different Florida State Parks with Jeff, using our annual pass (2 down so far)
2. Weigh 180, or less if I'm ambitious enough! :)
3. Explore 3 towns nearby
4. Try 6 new restaurants (or food trucks) in Tallahassee (final restaurant eaten at on 12.14.12)
5. Complete a Couch-2-5K program
6. Read 6 books (finished 1.17.13)
7. Hang picture frames up in my room (that I've had sitting around forever)
8. Maintain both bank accounts at $_,000 (12.14.12)
9. Complete Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred DVD
10. Try 10 different nail art designs - not just polka dots! (last one done on 12.6.12)
11. Ride entire length of St. Marks' Trail at once, aka 16 miles (farthest at time of posting is 14.5 or so)
12. Bike 200 miles total between now and January 29
13. Have weekly Bible study with high school girls from youth during the fall
14. Reach 10,000 views and 200 posts (currently at 5728 views at time of posting & 139 posts) (11.6.12)
15. Try geocaching with Jeff
16. Memorize a new scripture passage every month
17. Seriously think about a career, not just a job
18. Start learning guitar (Attempted it 10.6.12)
19. Do something I've never done before (Not going into details, but if you email me, I'll tell ya. Hint- it's funny!)
20. Actually make, create or do things from my Pinterest pins (Made 6-7 recipes, all by mid-October!)
21. Go camping again
22. Update my resume CHECK. (Finished 8.28.2012)
23. Plan one real date night every month with my sweet boyfriend
24. Blog honestly about my entire weight loss journey (that starts with the admission of weight goal in #2)
25. Make list for big, long-term goals for 30 Before 30

*Changed #1 from 15 parks down to 10, when realizing it's only 6 months. I do however want to visit about 20 state parks before next May, when our pass expires. Also changed numbers 4 and 6 so that it would essentially be one new restaurant/book each month.*

(I can NOT figure out why those photos of me are blurry now once uploaded to Blogger, but I worked so hard to take pictures of myself, that I'm leaving them on here anyways, so there...)

So that's that. I'm excited to get going on some of these things! I think it's a good mix of personal, fun, healthy, crafty, adventurous, and do-able goals. I plan on getting some of that photo mat stuff to frame the list, put it in an open frame and hang it up at home. That way I can physically cross each thing off the list. My Pledge is to try my darnedest to accomplish all 25 of these things. And you can be sure I will be blogging my progress along the way. So here we go, and wish me luck!!

25 Before 25 is officially underway.


Amanda Howell said...

Love this post, friend. Inspiring.

Kaley Grant said...

Good Luck!!!

Dani said...

i love this. i love you. you are adorable. GOOD LUCK!! Maybe I'll make a 30 before 30!

Nicole McKenzie said...

I love this too! Maybe I should do a 25 by 25 since my birthday is only a couple months after yours. Great goals, Halie!! :)

Bridget said...

I love this, of course. And I dig the pictures... mainly the up close of the list and the up close of your nails.

Wendy said...

Hey, fellow Florida chick here (Orlando). I found you through BBN. Very cool blog you have! Good luck on your 25 before 25! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written!!! I have faith that you can accomplish all your goals!!!!
Ms Nita

Kerrie said...

These are great goals! And totally do-able!! Sounds like you'll be busy over the next six months for sure :) And your photos dont look blurry to me!