Monday, April 16, 2012

Purposefully Busy

Mondays are not fun. Pretty much ever. But you know what's almost always fun? Weekends. And this past weekend certainly delivered in the fun department. I didn't take nearly enough pictures to document the greatness, and that makes me sad, so I hope you will at least enjoy the few I have from Wild Adventures later in the post. So, moving on to the details and descriptions and a slightly lengthy recap post...

Friday right after work, Jeff and I were treated to a nice little dinner at Logan's with his mom. We ate yummy food and had good conversation, and it was a nice time. Then after that, we met up with some friends at the Downtown Get Down. (Block-party style event the night before each FSU home football game. This past Saturday was the spring game, hence the Get Down.) Great weather, good friends and fun wearing our Garnet and Gold :)

Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in a little bit (9 am), then got a quick shower and got ready for some shopping with my Mama. We both needed a few "girly" items, so we searched high and low for the right ones. We went to Burlington and ended up with some random home goods, and some pretty beach mats we plan to use in our pool chairs. At Ross, we each got a new dress - and we plan on sharing them with each other. This instantly adds items to both of our wardrobes, which is awesome. Then we went to Sonny's for lunch, and got the dieter's chicken plate, which is salad bar and smoked chicken. Yummy. During lunch, we told lots of funny stories and laughed a TON. We had so much fun together :) Then we went to Beall's, where I got another dress and 2 pairs of earrings, and she got some of those "girly" items we were looking for. We made another stop at the pool store for a water sample test, and to get our chlorine jugs filled. Then on a whim we went to the Goodwill bookstore, and both lucked out with some good finds. (A post on that later this week...) We had a ton of fun shopping together and laughed so much. I'm glad I got to spend some good quality time with my lovely Mama!

After our shopping trip, I went to meet Jeff at his house. The two of us drove out to Midway for one of my oldest friends' going away party, even though we couldn't stay long. We got to spend a few minutes chatting with her, and catching up with her parents after I hadn't seen them for a couple of years. When we left, Jeff and I both said we wish we would have had more time to stay longer, because that would have been fun, and we missed a lot of the festivities! But we were still very glad we were able to go for a little bit!

Gonna miss her. We've been friends for 14 years - since 4th grade!!

After we left the party, we drove out to Robert and Jacob's house to go to Wild Adventures for the first concert of the summer! Their parents went too, and drove us in their brand new, super fancy awesome Chrysler mini-van. So sweet. We all have yearly passes, and we really enjoy the concert series that happens every summer. Last Saturday was the first one this year, and it featured the Newsboys, and about three opening bands before them that we skipped listening to. Instead we chose to ride one or two rides, and Robert, Jacob and I got to drive the go-carts. Unfortunately Jeff could only watch, because he wasn't wearing closed-toe shoes like they require. :( The three of us still had a ton of fun, but we'll definitely make sure Jeff wears the right shoes next time so he can join us too!

We matched because of the FSU Spring Game :)

The Newsboys were pretty decent in concert. However I didn't know most of their newer songs, and so they ended up all sounding pretty much the same to me. I did know about four of their older songs though, so I sang along to those when I could. Oh, but I killed the verses/rap part of "Jesus Freak" from old school DC Talk. I think I did a better job than Michael Tait did Saturday night... :) Then the last few songs they did were worship songs, and I definitely knew those, so I thought those were the bestest.

He didn't sleep enough Friday, worked all day Sat., then napped during the concert!

When we left the concert, Jacob let Jeff play with his iPad. He found a sketch-book-style app, and so he ended up playing around with it a little bit. Once he got used to it and how it worked, he was hooked. He then spent the next hour and 15 minutes completely engrossed in his sketching, and made a pretty little picture of me! I think he would be amazing at this if he had his own to play with all the time! He of course wants one, but that's not exactly in the budget for him for now, he'll have to stick to the old pen-and-paper method of sketching, and just hope to borrow other people's iPad's when he can!

I really like his drawing, and think he did a great job. He might be a little confused about how long my hair actually is, but it looks pretty anyways :) My favorite part is definitely the eye. The color is right on, and he even drew pretty eye shadow! I love the sketch, but it's even better since it was drawn by my wonderful boyfriend! (I put the sketch below through Instagram, but it looks almost exactly the same.)

Sunday morning was spent at church with my youth, and friends and family. We had a guest preacher, who was amazing. He was there to kind of test out the waters to potentially be our interim preacher while we're doing the Senior Pastor search. He was a good speaker, with a very engaging personality, and a relevant message. My family all enjoyed him, and we're really hoping that it will work out for him to be our interim preacher for a while! After church, Jeff joined my 4-Fam for  lunch with my aunt and uncle, as well as my dad's best friend, his wife and their two boys at El Jalisco = 11 total. A lot of talking, jokes, and some good times, and I was able to stay carb-free!

Jeff and I were planning on a bike ride in the afternoon, but the Mexican lunch made my tummy hurt, and he had a headache, so we opted for movie rest time instead and watched HP2. (We're working through the whole series.) It was definitely a good decision, and we enjoyed the much needed rest after a busy weekend. We then went back out to my church for Sunday night youth. We only had a few kids, so we just hung out and chatted for a while, then headed out. My Mama had made a very carb-filled dinner for everyone, so we stopped by Publix before we went home, so I could get a no-carb meal of turkey meatloaf and asparagus from their prepared food counter. So yummy!

Then Jeff and I did some hard labor brushing the pool and getting ready for the beautification process of the water. My aunt and uncle came over, and we all watched "The Amazing Race" together - which Jeff now likes even though he claims to not like any reality TV :) I then spent about two hours making a cute little headband tin for Megan (the same way I made mine a couple weeks ago), and it came out pretty cute. She wanted a lot more magazine pictures on hers than I had, so Mama helped me pick out the best stuff, and figure out the placement of pictures while I ModPodge-d it all together! I'll be honest though - I definitely like mine the best, but Megan likes hers a lot, so that's what's important!

I was busy pretty much all weekend, but I was Purposefully Busy with things I wanted to do. I was blessed with enjoyable things that filled my time - friends, shopping trips with my Mama, a concert, craft time, big family meals, church time and more... I'm thankful that I'm healthy and loved and can have fun doing things that make me so happy, with some pretty amazing people! Thank the Lord for lovely times in our lives like these.

Sending love to all my friends and family, both here and there and everywhere!

P.S. - If you're ever looking for quick, summarized stories, apparently you're looking in the wrong place. Not only am I chatty "in real life" when I talk, but I'm also chatty when I write "in blog life." The nickname I was given when I was about 4 or 5 years old, "Little Miss Chatterbox," will be forever stuck with this girl, and I'm totally OK with that :) Hope y'all are too!


Nicole McKenzie said...

I don't think you're too chatty! I love it!! Also, you should show a picture of Megan's box! I want to see :)

Halie Renee said...

Yes I will, I just forgot to take a finished product photo! I took a few along the way, then forgot the final one...silly me...

Kaley Grant said...

hiiii i love youuuuuu