Thursday, April 5, 2012

Petty Crime

Welp, I've committed a petty crime - apparently. Yesterday I spent about an hour making a cute little video from our girls' weekend from the slip-n-slide videos I took. I did some editing, made things look nice, added in some slide transitions and everything. Then at the end I added in "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat as background music. Apparently this is a no-no.

I uploaded it to Facebook (of course), but the girls kept asking me "Where is it?" and "Why can't  I see it?" Turns out it's because Facebook had already removed it, based on copyright infringement. Today I got a notice saying it was removed. Oh and also since I was a "repeat offender" (I guess this happened to me before), I would no longer be able to upload videos to Facebook. Ever. Never again.

Here are the things I'm wondering about now this morning...

1. How did they catch it so fast? I posted it around 8 pm, and by 11 pm (at the latest) it was gone already. I had set it to super private, so only the girls could see it, but still Facebook caught it. No one else reported it, because they couldn't see it. Does this mean Facebook filters every single thing we upload to monitor for this kind of stuff? Weird and strange a little bit creepy I guess.

2. Was it really hurting anything for the song to be used? I mean sure - it wasn't mine. But it's not like I was pretending it was. Obviously it's not. But it's also obvious I wasn't causing Colbie or her record company to suffer any monetary loss based on my use of the song.

I just don't understand. It's a little silly if you ask me. But I am pretty upset about Facebook taking away all of my video-uploading-privileges. Seems a bit harsh. Now I can't upload anything from our fun youth events, or all my road trips, or random 24/7 stuff, or just silly videos of my friends doing funny things. I'm a bit angry about that. I'm assuming this is a permanent thing, and I will seriously never be able to upload videos to Facebook again. Definitely seems like harsh punishment for such a petty crime.

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