Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Parthenon Inspired

So for those that aren't aware, we have Family Dinner Night every Monday night at my house. My Mama always makes delicious food, and a lot of times she works in a very creative theme. Some of our past themes have been: Cuban, Dr. Seuss, Spring Has Sprung, Build-Your-Own Burger Bar, Mexican, Spooktacular, WHOP (Walker's House of Pancakes - get it, like IHOP?!), Gratefulness, and a couple birthday nights thrown in there too. It's always so much fun and everyone loves it.

The whole theme is always kept secret until you get to the house. But yesterday, I was allowed to be a big part of the behind-the-scenes action! My friend Kaley had told me about a carb-free dish she made recently, and it sounded super yummy, so I suggested we make it for our main dish. Then the rest of the theme and meal just kind of fell into place!

We had a Greek themed night! It was so delicious, and all the pictures of Greece were beautiful!

I was able to create a cute little table that matched our theme well enough, just with things that I already had around the house. I felt crafty and I liked what I was able to come up with. I used a couple of mason jars, some pebbles we had left over from our Easter Garden, plain white candles, and sea shells from my collection. And for being thrown together so last minute, it looked good enough to me!

After the table was ready, I helped Mama cook all the food. We made Bacon and Feta stuffed baked chicken, that was drizzled with Greek dressing. The "recipe" is super simple: stir together cooked bacon, feta and Greek dressing in a bowl; cut a slit down the center of each breast, and stuff mixture in; drizzle Greek dressing generously over entire dish; bake at 350 for 30 minutes, add more dressing, and put under the broiler for a couple more minutes.

 We also made Greek Roasted Veggies (squash, zucchini and onion tossed in Greek dressing with a pinch of S&P, and baked along with the chicken) as well as Greek salad and plain orzo. I skipped the orzo and stuck with my carb-free diet. But everything else was super delicious! And also super easy to make! (That's my carb-free plate down below this...)

We all agreed that the meal was delicious, and would definitely like to repeat everything again in the future. And it's so simple to do, we don't have to follow a recipe when making this meal. Family dinner night is always the best. But I definitely like to be a part of the planning and executing phase of the evening as well! Maybe I can convince Mama to let me help with the planning more often! :)

Love to everyone! And here's a picture of the Parthenon, just in case you'd like to see something pretty.

Oh, and this is my 99th post! Which means I'm one away from 100!!! Whoa!

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Des said...

Nice!! I may steal these recipes.