Monday, April 23, 2012

Polka Dot Nails

Remember my list of goals for April I posted at the end of March? Well I'm just truckin' along on those, and making good progress so far. (Yes there are officially only seven of them, but one of those includes my giant spring cleaning to-do list, so it's quite a lot of stuff/goals for just one month...)

Yesterday I tried some "nail art" for the first time on my very own. And I really liked the way it turned out! I painted one clear base coat and then one coat of my chosen color. Then after watching some YouTube videos (not really very helpful) and Googling a few how-to articles (only slightly more helpful), I thought about it on my own and figured out the best method for making my own polka dots.

Best (and FREE!) option - just cut the cotton off the end of a q-tip! So simple and it works perfectly. Then I used an old bottle cap to drip some of the white polish into. To make the polka dots, just dip the cut end of the q-tip into the polish, and dot your nails as much or as little as you want.

I let the dots dry COMPLETELY. I mean, for an hour or so at home, and also a couple of hours while I went and played Ultimate Frisbee with my youth. Then much later that night, I put a coat of clear top coat to seal the dots. (And then because I love them so much and am paranoid to chip them too quickly, I put another clear coat on this morning again.)

And VIOLA! Super cute fingernails :)

They're not completely perfect, but I don't think it matters really. And plus, I know that the more I try it, the better I will get! (Jeff actually had to help with the dots on my right hand, as I didn't feel steady enough with my left to dot an entire hand. So sweet of him to help me.) I also put some polka dots on both of my big toes as well. I skipped dotting the other toes because I figured they'd be too tiny to dot, and end up looking silly. But I think the big toes look real cute still on their own. 

I love the way the polka dots turned out, but my parents were making fun of me a little bit, asking me how old I was to have polka dot nails. I mean, I work with teenagers, so their trends tend to appeal to me a lot still! :) I don't mind though, because I like them a lot, and I've already gotten quite a few compliments on them. I can't wait to try more color combinations in the future! I'm thinking some bright summer-y colors should happen next. Maybe some orange, yellow or pink combo? But I also want to try stripes of some sort, so we'll just see what happens in a few weeks!

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