Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preowned Novels

Last Saturday, my Mama and I went on a nice little shopping trip and lunch date. At the very end of our time together, I decided on a whim I felt like doing some book shopping. There is a Goodwill bookstore about a mile from our house, so we stopped there before going home. And I was quite glad we did!

The store itself is not very big, but it's very clean, neat, tidy and organized. All books are alphabetized by the author's last name, and split into the appropriate categories. It makes book browsing sooo much nicer this way, as opposed to other thrift book stores I've been to where they just shove all the books randomly on the shelves and call it good. Well my friends at the other bookstores, that is not good, and I don't approve of that "method."

THIS is what I approve of...

Wonderfully organized shelves, books all in order and where they're supposed to be - just beckoning me to spend a couple of bucks on them. It's an OCD bookworm's dream. And I was definitely pleased.

Whenever possible, I tend to only buy hardback covers from thrift stores, since it usually ends up being the best bargain. Brand new hardback books in regular stores can cost upwards of $20 or $25 sometimes depending on popularity, newness and size of the book. But here at Goodwill, the most expensive one of mine was $5.99. BARGAIN.

Mama ended up buying two new books for herself, and two new books for my Papa - all of which were hardback. She spent about $20 total. I also bought four new hardback books. Two of which I've already read (Black and The Lovely Bones), but borrowed before and therefore needed to add to my own personal collection. The third book (Edgar Sawtelle) was recommended to me by my best friend Jenni a while back, and the fourth one (Day of the Bees) was a random find that I started reading today at lunch. (It involves WWII a little bit, so for those that know me well, you know I'm already super intrigued.)

I think I spent just over $20 for all four books. Such a steal. I can't wait to go back and keep searching for more treasures! What I'm really hoping to find actually is the entire Harry Potter series in hardback. However, I currently have none of them, so I have a lot more to collect before that goal is accomplished :) There are a couple other Goodwill bookstores around town that I haven't been to before, so I'm looking forward to exploring those soon as well. I just hope they're as nice and lovely as this little one is! Also - feel free to leave book suggestions/recommendations below, as I'm constantly looking for new things to read. I love having a stack of unread books to turn to once I finish one.

Love you all, and happy reading!

P.S. - Thank you to everyone who showed support and encouragement after my last post about my weight loss struggle. I very much appreciated all of the kind words and the outpouring of love, both digitally and in real life! Also, I loved realizing how many people actually read my blog. I only have 13 "official followers" through Blogger, but that post has been read over 100 times! Crazy, and makes me feel so special and loved and I liked it. Also, I've lost 2 pounds since then already :)


Nicole McKenzie said...

I'm loving Black! Also, I bought my Harry Potter collection from thrift stores...but mine are all paperback...still way cheaper than buying new.

Halie Renee said...

Yay I'm so glad you like it!! Get ready to be sucked into the whole series. I read all 4 in less than a week. (I was nanny-ing then though, so I had a LOT of free time...) But they're still so good!