Thursday, March 1, 2012

Product Trial

Lately, I've been noticing (through pictures and things) that my teeth aren't quite as white as I thought they were. Maybe they went through a phase where I was actually using really awesome toothpaste and so they shone a little brighter before. But no longer. So, after seeing a pretty convincing TV commercial - I shelled out twice as much money for some fancy toothpaste.

Usually I buy some pretty standard whitening Colgate or Arm & Hammer and spend about $2.25 for probably 7 oz of paste. Last night I broke the bank on some Crest 3D and spent a whopping $4.75, for 5 oz. of paste.Crest 3D claims that you will have visibly whiter toothies in just 14 days. We'll see. I took a picture this morning. I plan to take another picture on Day 7, and then finally on Day 14. Then we'll compare them all and see how it worked.

Confession though - I'm not the kind of girl that remembers to brush my teeth every. single. night. Embarrassing admission, but it's true. Oh well. But for the next 14 days - I'm gonna be very vigilant about it. I figure for this to work, I gotta follow the directions! Hope the extra $2.50 I spent last night pays off and I end up with some super pearly whites....

This photo was not edited or color corrected at all :)

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Dani said...

can't wait to see if it worked!!!!!!