Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picture Every Hour

This past Saturday we took a quick trip over to Jacksonville for the day. I had a Groupon I needed to use before it expired, so we decided to make a full day out of it with beach, shopping, yummy food and fun-filled adventure. Here is a picture (each one has been Instagram-ed of course) from every hour of our trip - with a brief description :)

8-9am. Breakfast on our way out of town.

9-10am. Quick rest stop.

10-11am. The driver's gotta stay alert - with a ton of caffeine.

11-12noon. We like holding hands in the car :)

12noon-1pm. Shopping at some cute little stores.

1-2pm. Put our names on the list at this very busy local hot spot.

1-2pm. Had brunch at a nice little local hot spot.

2-3pm. Walked on the beach, even tho it was cold and crazy windy.

3-4pm. Shopping at the St. John's Town Center!
Side note: those sunglasses were the only thing I bought. He picked
them out for me, because he just got some aviators too,
so he wanted us to match. :)

4-5pm. Shopping still. Drooling over pretty perfumes in Sephora.

5-6pm. Looking at eye shadow now :)

6-7pm. Yummy dinner at MiMi's at the Town Center.

7-9pm. Driving home. (Not a lot to work with in the dark...)

9-10pm. Finally turning off of I-10, he dropped me at home, then he left!


Nicole McKenzie said...

What a fun little day adventure! The next one is going to be the best ever!!

jessemac said...

I smiled so big when I first saw the name of your blog. Definitely love all those things, too! I love looking at pictures from trips. These are great.