Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plumped Up Again

I just happened to look back at some of the posts with the most hits - my most popular post was "Pounds Are Gone" from just a little over a year ago. But here's the sad news that really hit me hard. This is no longer an accurate post. Yes, at the time I had reached my goal weight I set in January 2011. And it was a glorious thing. But now unfortunately, I've fallen off my healthy wagon, and I've Plumped Up Again.

I have stopped eating healthy most of the time, and very rarely consider calories, fat or carbs when choosing meals or snacks. I have gotten very busy the last month or so, and so I haven't made any time to work out. Sadly, I am back up over my goal weight again. The good news is that I'm not back to my starting point. I refuse to gain that much more weight.

I wasn't planning to share how much I had gained back, in fact I was terrified and embarrassed to do so, but I think it will be an important step to going on this journey again if I publicize my fears and insecurities. I need determination and help and motivation, and I think sharing the specifics will help me out. So total - I've gained back 20 pounds from when I was at my lowest weight back around August/September. My goal is to lose ALL of that again, hopefully by August/September. Plus a little more by the end of the year.

I'm not going to go crazy and starve myself or workout six days a week - because let's just be honest - that's just not me. I'm not that girl. But I am going to start eating healthy, exercising more, and just generally making better, more conscious decisions about the things I put into my body. This stuff has just got to go!

Tomorrow will be the official start of this journey again. (Today is Leap Day - and nothing counts on Leap Day...) Please feel free to send me random bits of encouragement or healthy tips you may find. I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks for listening to me ramble. It definitely helps to get this all out there on the interwebs where my friends and family, and even strangers, can all see it. Helps keep me accountable.

Much Love to everyone. Here we go again!


Tryna Treen said...

Two slices of Jones Canadian bacon and two egg whites

Snack: sugar free jello, apple or celery

iceburg lettus with 6 slices of deli fresh oven roasted turkey, low fat cheese, teaspoon of fat free italian dressing for flavor

snack: sugar free jello, apple or celery
grilled chicken
steamed veggies
low fat cottage cheese

I also cut out alcohol. (yupp you have to do it!)
Ask me for more meal ideas..that's how I've been eating lately..I gained 10 back from my lowest! :(


Kaley Grant said...

You can definitely do it! I love you and I miss you and you are beautiful.

Timbuckto said...

Babes, you can do it. I will be happy to help you through it. Also, I'll work on not eating bad too. Then we can loose weight together! And you know how much I love riding bikes with you!!