Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Put A Spring In Your Step

This cute image below is from a lovely little blog I follow. She's kicking off a two week project called "Put A Spring In Your Step" and dedicating blog posts for the next two weeks to mood boosters, cheeriness and uplifting spirits. She's also using it to link bloggers together, and so you can add your own link to her post. (Check out the end of her post to see the one I added, as well as other blogger girls.) She encourages, as do I, other bloggers to use this image, and join us in the cheerful spring posts for the next few weeks! Here's a link to her kick-off post : Wake Up, Lovely: Stepping Away From Technology


My first spring post will address the major spring cleaning bug I have acquired. I don't know if this urge to purge that comes with this new season exists on it's own in nature, or if we invent in our heads because of the suggestion of others. Either way - it's bitten me hard this spring, and I'm about to go on a spring cleaning rampage in my bedroom and bathroom. (And one car project.)

Here's the giant list I will be working through for the next 34(ish) days:
1. Super duper scrub entire bathroom (floor, shower, counter, sink, toilet) DONE!
2. Change shower curtain liner
3. Hang up new pictures and frames
4. Empty and reorganize entire closet (DONE 4.24.12)
5. Clean bin under my nightstand (DONE. 3.26.12)
6. Completely clean out under my bed
7. Make a cute new bookmark for myself (DONE. 4.27.12. Made 8 total.)
8. Organize/straighten pile of things under my vanity (DONE 4.9.12)
9. Purge old clothes and donate to Goodwill DONE!
10. Create cute storage for headband collection (DONE. 3.27.12)
11. Go through (and streamline) old magazine collection under my dresser
12. Print photos for collage frame and new green frame
13. Move teal side table into bathroom for more "counter" space (DONE. 3.27.12)
14. Clean out drawers of nightstand and vanity (DONE. 3.28.12)
15. Straighten up bookshelf
16. Create place to collect mail for whole family, with specific slots for each person
17. Clean fabric and upholstery in my car

Both my bedroom and bathroom are generally clean and tidy, but there are definitely neglected spots that I use as a catch-all to shove random things into that have no specific home of their own. Those spots are now driving me crazy. So on Monday I created this very giant list of things to do and gave myself a deadline. By April 30th, my life will be more organized and streamlined, and purged of some additional hoopla and unnecessary clutter. Oh, and I've added some crafts/projects to the list as well, to give myself some fun stuff too :)

I encourage you to look for ways to Put A Spring In Your Step, then feel free to share it with others as well (and on your blog, if that's your thing). Love to you all, and Happy Springtime!


Nicole McKenzie said...

Halie! For the first time in my life I put my shower liner in the washing machine instead of buying a new one. Just put it on cold w/ your detergent and bleach along with some dirty towels and you'll be amazed at how clean it gets! This will save you a couple $$ :)

Halie Renee said...

I don't know if that will work for mine - it's just one of those thin plastic ones from Target...?

Nicole McKenzie said...

Thats what mine is....the cheapo like $2 one. you'll be amazed!